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?Epic limecat (CatintheHat) tribute (4.00) Spotz 2006-07-05
?Punchout stole Ronald's lol (4.42) BSims 2006-07-05
?lol, executor (synced) (4.36) Albert-Fish 2006-07-05
?lol, mario paint *ORIGINAL MUSIC RETURNED* (4.32) altair808 2006-07-05
?lol, ronald box (4.16) shadowsrevenge96 2006-07-05
?Math is Pwned! (4.40) danzart 2006-07-10
?Thwomp Mania (4.30) BSims 2006-07-10
?Epic Materazzi Maneuver (3.56) ttiwguitar 2006-07-10
?Cute Kittens here to comfort you. (4.51) whiteman 2006-10-31
?WoW: Shade Of Aran Chant (3.02) BrewGuy 2007-03-31
?CATCH THAT DRUID! (3.12) Lord-Wellington 2007-04-19
This is very creative and quite funny. Too bad we're going to have a bunch of jealous retards downvoting it. Ah, well. I would have 5'd it anyways for the downvoters, but this really just kicks ass. Thank you for this!
TheRealBowser 2007-04-19
?NES of a Down (4.67) detalub0 2007-04-19
Easy 5
TheRealBowser 2007-04-19
?I am now Cutman! (2.51) SiYkO 2007-06-21
Great site! Definitely a 5, but I would have 5'd it anyways to counter pathetic downvoters. Get over your obsession against WoW and laugh a little.
TheRealBowser 2007-06-21
?Paladin despawn wtf?!1 (2.63) shadowspecies 2007-06-21
Would've 5'd it anyways, great site, instant classic! But 5'd for certain to counter downvoters, enjoy.
TheRealBowser 2007-06-21
?<SHAMAN COMMUNITY> PRESENTS WO... (2.47) halfscan 2007-08-05
Thank you for the lol. This site wins x1000. If you don't like WoW, then don't come here. I like creative ytmnds, and yeah I like the mindless crap most ytmnd's have, but my God this was above and beyond. Congrats to the creator and thanks again!
TheRealBowser 2007-08-05
?Bears.... (4.24) Goyutan 2008-02-14
?Shaman Review Feedback (2.99) eemonix 2008-06-28
?NEDM: Revelations (4.46) titanium-gecko 2009-12-07