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?Moskau barrel roll (4.35) necrosaro 2006-06-08
The clear apex of the "barrel roll" fad.
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-13
?Boil 'em (4.19) ucka 2006-06-08
This YTMND features helpful serving suggestions.
TobyTheRobot 2007-02-10
?You Sit on a Throne of Lies (3.63) Cryokenetic 2006-06-08
The fact that this languishes with a 3.6 rating makes me very sad.
TobyTheRobot 2008-04-03
?Dubya Song (4.57) furrykef 2006-06-10
The president regales us with the specifics of his military service.
TobyTheRobot 2006-12-24
?Philonometry: An alternative to Scientology (4.48) ChickenSoda 2006-06-15
Don't laugh; one of my friends is an ardent Philnometrist.
TobyTheRobot 2007-10-17
?WELCOME TO MY HOMEPAGE (4.26) ChickenSoda 2006-06-15
Required viewing for anyone old enough to remember the geocities homepages from circa 1996.
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-13
?giraffes in the air! (4.29) cheekygirl 2006-06-19
This YTMND has the audacity to imagine a world where the humble giraffe has achieved the wonders of flight. Keep the dream alive!
TobyTheRobot 2008-05-18
?Picard gets down (4.16) ottervomit 2006-06-21
Is it wrong that this made me incredibly aroused? What does that mean!?
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-13
?Sonic Gives Appliance Advice (3.64) spazzmckiwi 2006-06-21
Sonic has some indispensable advice regarding nunu. This is on here mostly as a public service.
TobyTheRobot 2006-12-24
?Ronald is Metal (4.30) ottervomit 2006-06-21
Ronald McDonald scares the crap out of me.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-24
?Punch the Keys Overture (4.50) kingawesome 2006-07-01
?More Skeletor ♥ Space Puppies (4.13) MattressMan 2006-07-05
Prepare to have a horrible, HORRIBLE song stuck in your head. It's worth it though; this is fantastic.
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-02
?red ranger does the lol (4.23) FanaticallyInsane666 2006-07-12
Blue Ranger's delayed reaction makes this.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-24
?Granate! Granate! (4.32) KomradePedrovsk 2006-07-13
O noes! Granate!!!1
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-24
?Colin Mochrie's Tribal Dance (4.19) sabremau 2006-07-13
Savor the entrancing grace of Colin Mochrie.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-24
?A tack (4.21) Derk 2006-07-15
When I first watched this, my headphones were up too loud. I nearly crapped my pants. Just word of warning.
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-15
?I GOT A JAR OF DIRT! (4.12) tehreaper 2006-07-18
Anyone who doesn't five this clearly doesn't understand YTMND.
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-19
?Counting in Binary New More Epic Ending!!! (3.95) gir53457 2006-07-20
Learn how binary works and listen to a delightful Finnish tune!
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-20
?"aren't you a little short for a stormtroo... (4.52) joshnrosen 2006-07-25
The Cadillac of Brian Peppers YTMND's.
TobyTheRobot 2006-07-25
?Hey! (3.36) tehpwner2 2006-08-06
Here's a challenge for those of you who haven't seen this yet: Open this YTMND. If you don't smile, you don't have a soul.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-06
?She's Trapped! pt.3 of 7 (4.19) BigMucho 2006-08-09
Savor the suspense!
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-09
?Touch it. Go on. You know you want to. (3.98) MuckRaker 2006-08-10
I DARE you to not touch it.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-10
?(nsfw) Holy shi* it's a Dinosaur! WTF? (juras... (4.67) ALMusic 2006-08-17
OMG! A dinosaur!
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-17
?PTKFGS - Stan Explains EVERYTHING to Guybru... (4.21) iisryan 2006-08-19
Let Stanley assuage your fears.
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-13
?Let's Make Hand Grenades! (4.02) Cataclaw 2006-08-20
An instructional slideshow. Watch it with your kids!
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-20
?The Future Dance!! (3.99) bloodlash 2006-08-23
I'm told this is just lifted right from 4chan, but the beat just makes this work. I watched it for 3 minutes straight, tapping my foot. No joke.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-23
?Sad Clown Choir: NEDM Acapella Extended Mix (4.57) dragfyre 2006-08-24
This seriously raises the bar for any audio-based YTMND. As someone who can't even carry a note, the idea that someone could possibly use multi-tracking to harmonize with HIMSELF blows my mind right out of the side of my skull.
TobyTheRobot 2006-08-24
?Jackie Chan Explains How to Vote (4.55) Mohrdikai 2006-08-29
Mr. Chan's facial expression at the conclusion of this YTMND pushes this to another level.
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-09
?Tom Cruise Jigs Out (4.17) Kayne 2006-09-09
The guy on at the end of the table seems to enjoy this as much as I do.
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-09
?Series of Tubes dance remix (4.60) manish 2006-09-12
? COOL! (3.81) lizardman 2006-09-12
What the -- what the fuck is this man!? This has a 3.75?! One of the most unspoiled and pure examples of what a YTMND should be doesn't even have a FOUR!? You people make me sick. Look at that facial expression!
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-12
?Clay Aiken: The Untold Story (4.63) syncan 2006-09-20
I actually caught this when it was on TV. I was rather surprised that Ms. Sawyer was so vulgar and confrontational, but I suppose that's the sort of hard-hitting journalism that she's famous for.
TobyTheRobot 2006-12-24
?Cute Kittens here to comfort you. (4.51) whiteman 2006-09-20
These kittens shall destroy you with their cuteness.
TobyTheRobot 2008-05-10
?Metal Gear Solid Presents: The Cardboard Box (up... (4.41) Frinkahedron 2006-09-22
It's just a box.
TobyTheRobot 2006-09-22
What IS that box doing there anyway? It's kinda freaking me out.
TobyTheRobot 2006-12-24
?It's on. (4.02) tinfask 2006-10-04
The gentlemen in this song are emphatic about letting you know that it is, in fact, on.
TobyTheRobot 2006-10-04
These gentlemen expound upon the present status of an electrical control switch, thus leaving no ambiguity.
TobyTheRobot 2007-10-17
?Need a girlfriend? Click here! (3.52) Dr-L337 2006-11-18
Out of Dr-1337's impressive catalog of work, this is clearly his magnum opus.
TobyTheRobot 2006-11-18
?(nsfw) kkkramer (4.68) xoc 2006-11-28
Holds a place in the pantheon of great YTMND remixes, along with such luminaries as Tubes Dance and idon' Make sure to listen to the whole thing; it's longer than it may seem at first.
TobyTheRobot 2008-04-02
?catonakeyboardinspace (4.63) napalmnabuco 2007-02-10
It's nice to see a YTMND that delivers what it promises.
TobyTheRobot 2007-02-10
?T-1000 Reevaluates His Career... (4.57) Flawed 2007-02-15
Not many people know this, but T-1000 is something of a hobbyist magician. Be amazed as he dazzles you with his prestidigitation!
TobyTheRobot 2007-02-15
?Dodgson (fun times mix) (4.68) keatonkeaton999 2007-04-30
Y'know, that Nedry guy is kind of a dick. Seriously -- you ask him nicely not to do something, and he goes mouthing off. I have to admit, though, the song is catchy.
TobyTheRobot 2007-05-01
?How To Eat A Watermelon (4.59) MrStump 2007-05-21
Viewing this instructional slideshow counts as three credit hours toward one's watermelon consumption license.
TobyTheRobot 2007-05-22
?George Bush really CARES about black people (4.14) punzada 2007-06-01
The LIBERAL MEDIA doesn't want you to hear this eloquent speech by our glorious president..
TobyTheRobot 2007-06-01
?Did you say shrimp? (4.06) CreepPipe 2007-07-04
Don't even get Clinton started on shrimp. I'm serious, man. He'll talk your ear off.
TobyTheRobot 2007-07-04
?It's a Pizzone! (4.45) Volume 2007-08-14
Milk-wielding Tusken raiders FTW!!1!
TobyTheRobot 2007-08-14
?Don't Taze Me Bro ooooOOOO-OOWW!! (4.58) xpirate16 2007-09-21
He'll tell you once more / before he gets off the floor
TobyTheRobot 2007-12-26
?Arnold's got hoes (4.65) Necronomicon 2007-10-10
Arnold is a hip hop sensation.
TobyTheRobot 2007-10-10
?Jack Black and the ROCKING (3.70) slop 2007-10-17
Jack Black makes it abundantly clear what he's doing.
TobyTheRobot 2007-10-17
?Breakfast Escalation (4.17) ottervomit 2007-11-28
Support Captain Crunch in his quest for breakfast dominance! Have mommy and daddy write a check for $1,000 and return it with this Captain Crunch war bond request form, along with 10 UPCs! No purchase necessary. For a free game piece, go to with your parents' permission. Coupon payments on Crunchbonds subject to local taxation in Alaska and Vermont. Void where prohibited.
TobyTheRobot 2007-11-28
?James Hook: Featured User (4.32) dmaz 2007-12-26
Smee's jig during the "Hook!" chant pushes this from merely fantastic to completely sublime.
TobyTheRobot 2007-12-26
?Tubular Nets (4.71) astuteNacute 2007-12-29
Highlights include the beat dropping for Mr. Jenkins' exclamation, as well as Howard Dean's flow.
TobyTheRobot 2007-12-29
?New American Gladiators - TOA Owns Contestant (4.33) UltraMagnus 2008-01-08
Toa summons strength from the sun god (and bewilders his foe) with an ancient rite.
TobyTheRobot 2008-01-15
?Ex Gon' Give It To Ya (4.35) Hawkman 2008-01-10
Just sit right back and let the FedEx guy give it to ya. No -- seriously. Don't get up. He'll fucking cut you, man. He's serious.
TobyTheRobot 2008-01-15
?No way! I DON'T believe it! (3.70) rinskithehero 2008-03-31
+100000 points for the stilted way that "I-cant-looooooose!" fits the beat. It's magnificent.
TobyTheRobot 2008-03-31
The pre-battle trash talking between Fox and Wolf ends as soon as the beat drops in. Truly, he can't lose.
TobyTheRobot 2008-03-31
?(nsfw) PayShince-Kignz 004th SiTe !!!1 (4.69) PatienceKing 2008-04-05
?Masters of Nothing (4.64) fearcondom 2008-05-01
?Dr. Dre Ft. Grand Coalition: Forgot About Poland (4.65) NiteSky 2008-05-10
G-dub takes Senator Kerry to school in this rap battle for the ages.
TobyTheRobot 2008-05-10
?im pressin charges, where my durag? (4.24) m4rkei 2008-05-29
Under the threat of impending litigation, these public transportation enthusiasts have no choice but to relinquish this young lady's headwear.
TobyTheRobot 2008-05-29
?(nsfw) KOENTMND: Bill O'Reilly Attempts ... (4.73) NiteSky 2008-06-23
Bill O'Reilly does not respond well to even the most well-intentioned instruction.
TobyTheRobot 2008-06-23
?DOOBADABADOOBADABADEEBADABADE... (4.33) Nuroticat 2008-12-05
?huh hmm ahahahas (4.57) fag 2008-12-05
?D'OHTMND: D'OH! (fun times mix) (4.42) Dasyati 2008-12-11
Homer Simpson expresses his displeasure to the tune of an eminently funky beat.
TobyTheRobot 2009-01-31
?ART THOU BORED? (4.69) Necronomicon 2008-12-20
Randy Savage declares war on ennui.
TobyTheRobot 2008-12-20
?Love In These Cuffs (4.72) fourest 2009-01-12
?Howard Dean Hosts Iron Chef Japan (4.47) ericcondon 2009-01-27
Howard Dean's Japanese is impeccable. Truly, he is a man of many talents.
TobyTheRobot 2009-01-31
?Guacamole Chip Stand. (4.55) bettabomb 2009-01-31
?YGLMNtmnd (4.64) shadydragon 2009-02-18
?Guten Taaag!!! (4.61) Ejbloo 2009-03-24
Austrian composer Johannes Brahms stops by during breakfast to borrow a cup of sugar.
TobyTheRobot 2009-03-24
?Tomahawk Missile is smart (4.43) MercenaryFoxMcCloud 2009-03-27
?Mike Tyson (4.48) mcroix 2009-06-20
?Robotnik stops downvoters (4.20) GeneralFod 2009-07-02