VinnysMafia's favorites:

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?What to do in a terrorist attack (4.38) Fizzzle 2006-08-27
Congrats on being my first favorite.
VinnysMafia 2006-08-27
?Nintendo Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! (4.18) Discostew 2006-08-31
You kick ass.
VinnysMafia 2006-08-31
?the TRUTH behind 9/11 (3.93) sanvarin 2006-09-06
Ahh fuck it, fave.
VinnysMafia 2006-09-06
?Manatees = FUNNY (Thank you, nutnix) (4.18) ACastillo 2006-09-07
VinnysMafia 2006-09-07
?The Oregon Trail (sound fix) (4.29) ZOMFG 2006-09-19
I decided to favorite this, like three weeks after i first saw it.
VinnysMafia 2006-09-19
?Snoop Dogg's Dreamland (full song) (4.66) barf 2006-10-12
?lol internet (4.45) Dunkinbean 2006-10-14
?EA Cosby (4.18) stubbyperson77 2006-10-20
Actually, im gonna go ahead and make that a favorite.
VinnysMafia 2006-10-20
?Is your cat a Pirate? (4.39) Ginsain 2006-10-21
?choco cosby (4.37) Kassius 2006-10-26
And several weeks later, I add this to my favorites.
VinnysMafia 2006-10-26
?Hellen Keller was blind and deaf (4.10) AshfordPride 2006-10-26
Fuggin love it.
VinnysMafia 2006-10-26
?Fast Food's Circle of Strife (4.59) Yozetty 2006-11-23
This is like... seriously... the perfect YTMND. This will probably be in the hall of fame eventually.
VinnysMafia 2006-11-23
?RUN to avoid GETTING KILLED! ***Now with COR... (4.09) Jackrabbitsd87 2006-12-06
omfg. i used to walk to the abandoned fayetteville mall jsut to play that (which was left plugged in along with ms pacman and some helicopter game) when the mall shut down i payed like $25 for a copy of it on super nintendo i fucking love that game
VinnysMafia 2006-12-06
?New Talent on 60 Minutes (4.78) Improviser 2006-12-06
favorites, but i would rather you remove poland...
VinnysMafia 2006-12-06
?T-rex in F-14's (4.19) omgitsacid 2006-12-11
so fucking badass. the guy that wrote calvin and hobbes was a genious.
VinnysMafia 2006-12-11
?catonakeyboardinspace (4.63) napalmnabuco 2006-12-17
VinnysMafia 2006-12-17
?Come my minions! (4.46) Jowitz 2006-12-26
yeah, its that awesome.
VinnysMafia 2006-12-26
?Operation Covert Clown (4.69) Sylvester 2006-12-26
VinnysMafia 2006-12-26
?Cats: Hit the road, Jack! (4.31) syndrome 2007-01-04
?Cats: Schfifty Five (4.18) Jirah 2007-01-04
VinnysMafia 2007-01-04
?300TMND:How to motivate your troops(cleaner loo... (4.51) somerandomguy29 2007-03-17
VinnysMafia 2007-03-17
?Arcadians are Losers (4.59) MasterSitsu 2007-03-22
there can never be too many 300 sites
VinnysMafia 2007-03-22
?Bang Bang On The Door Baby! (4.61) YourTheCoconutMan 2007-03-24
?Ronald McRoxxo (3.80) DIGIHAD 2007-04-07
VinnysMafia 2007-04-07
?Davy Jones wants the coin (4.64) agentanderson 2007-05-16