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The confilct between YTMND and eBaumsworld that resulted from this reminds me of the Trojan War. "The face that lanched a thousand ships." anyone who's had a greek mythology class should be able to make that conection.
You must really like VNV Nation, this is the second ytmnd (that I know of) you've made with a song by them as the sound. But I digress, 5'd.
Rofl, I honestly didn't see the Pulp Fiction audio coming. You get a 5.
Funny, you get a 5 sir.
Yes well done, that was pretty hardcore.
Very funny, you win.
On on the site ?BAH! HEADSHOT
Sure, have a nice day.
On on the site ?Byrd on Dogfighting
More like "...the only recourse was WAR.....Wwaaaaaar."
What a geat ending.
That's racist.
Wow, I really feel for the trap there. And now I no longer have vergin ears. (5'd and Fav'd)
Clever, I like it.
That's racist.
I love how long it took to reveal the "un'funny" truth, it was good enough for a five.
Amusing, thanks.
I love how angry is over this, i'm faving this just because you pissed so many people off.
Well done, well done indeed. 5'd.
Thanks for making this, because of you I now know what ventrilo harrasment is.
Nice, very funny, you get a 5 and a spot on my favorite list.
On on the site ?Map Of Europe(fixed)
It seems perfectly fine to me. 5'd.
5 Because NEDM plus Reqium for a Dream (I love that movie).
On on the site ?
Thank you so much, 5'd for ytmnd with Identity as an image and for making fun of a comercial.
On on the site ?The Commie Bunch
Very good. You get a 5 my comrade.
On on the site ?Daggerfall
Never played Daggerfal but i'm curently playing Morrowind so i'll asume it was good for its time.
On on the site ?I Stole My Own Bike!
Though it makes no since it is a great ytmnd indeed. 5'd.
On on the site ?F4T4L P1ZZ4 0V3RD053
I like it a lot. The sounds and the image are both good. It's awesome. You get a 5.
Pretty good, pretty good indeed.
You just fell for the trap. (Voated 5)
Yeah this gets a 5.