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October 7th, 2008
On on the site ?Best club in town
Music is? Because Clublife seems like such a generic tag.
October 7th, 2008
On on the site ?Oh, what a fruit..
Eurobeat = 5
October 5th, 2008
lawl viral advertising
October 3rd, 2008
I know its tired and worn out because you just put facial expressions in search and like a thousand things pop up. But I thought what the hell.
October 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?Edgar- O and Peppers
Are you asking to get made fun of? I don't understand the purpose of this.
September 29th, 2008
We should all seriously tell Snickers about this.
July 6th, 2008
Shoulda used Inkscape...its free, you should google it Or find tutorials. But yeah, Illustrator is a large learning curve.
November 3rd, 2007
Funniest site i've seen in a while.
October 24th, 2007
Since a picture of a book is there, possibly a book maybe?
September 2nd, 2007
5'd for Hum's Stars...i think if they released this song now and it would still hit the charts.
September 2nd, 2007
5'd for DJ Mystik
June 13th, 2007
On on the site ?They Burn An Image
June 10th, 2007
It should go on saying lalalalalaalalala for like ten minutes.
June 9th, 2007
I have an idea, I was just messing with these images and audio. And wanted to put up this since its bothered me forever.
June 9th, 2007
I wasn't aware this was done before...can you point me to the original?
June 7th, 2007
4'd for Super Eurobeat.
May 28th, 2007
On on the site ?YTMND flash preloader
May 27th, 2007
You didn't cite TMNT IV: Turtles in Time!!!!!!! Some of the most recognizable game music ever.
May 26th, 2007
I believe this YTMND is perfect.
May 26th, 2007
On on the site ?sexy girls
Remix = Awesome.
May 26th, 2007
I have that issue.
May 26th, 2007
I hate Sean Paul.
May 26th, 2007
For some reason it looks as if he is a disembodied head in a cupboard.
May 25th, 2007
Might have been funnier with the "stares into your soul" music going, and having the image size larger...but the quality of the image as it stands can't be blown up any larger. Good idea though.
May 25th, 2007
Great YTMND that basically describes the curiousity of the earth's end. As a kid, I loved any little picture or anything in Science books that mentioned any of the points just made. It was like real-life Sci-fi to me at the time.
May 24th, 2007
On on the site ?Captain Arab
5'd because there is never enough LOST on YTMND. Nice touch with the audio.