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?Riker has NO CLASS. (4.49) money-hat 2006-05-10
Original + Funny = Auto 5
azalea 2006-05-10
?holy crap, a meteor!!! (4.40) CDawg82191 2006-05-10
I don't care what anyone says. If your site spawns a fad, that means you did something right.
azalea 2006-05-10
?LOL Jesus Owns! (4.00) balticave 2006-05-10
Everyone, this is what the funny version of random looks like.
azalea 2006-05-10
?Handicap lol (4.00) Muzz718 2006-05-10
How often do you come across a license plate like this? Honestly. ^_^;
azalea 2006-05-10
?Ebaum gets YTMND users with the Oldest Trick (3.72) Monikku 2006-05-12
I loved that April Fool's joke.
azalea 2006-05-12
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-05-12
I still don't know how Cosby made it back into the realm of living fads, but hey, whatever works. SirLemming worked his ass off making the GIF, sound, and synching it, too. It would be a crime not to 5-star this.
azalea 2006-05-12
?All night long, eh? (3.71) Drekai 2006-05-16
Hot AT-AT Action! LOO!
azalea 2006-05-16
?McFly Stole FutureConan's Butterfinger (4.36) syncan 2006-05-17
azalea 2006-05-17
?Tourettes Guy does his Ray Charles impression (3.21) ghcghcghc 2006-05-17
I CAN'T SEE SHIT! I wish I did this one...
azalea 2006-05-17
?Run For It Marty! (4.37) Loosh 2006-05-24
This is what happens when you give a nigga a shotty bomb case filled with old pinball-machine parts.
azalea 2006-05-24
?Conan stops downvoter (4.63) Atomsk88 2006-10-07
azalea 2006-10-07
?IT'S OVER 9000! (4.17) evangelism 2006-11-01
I loved this thing on YouTube...
azalea 2006-11-01
?Over 9000 REMIX (4.06) Pretzelcoatl 2006-11-01
Better than the other one.
azalea 2006-11-01