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?Tales of Phantasia is coming to America (4.13) spanishgodzilla 2006-05-10
I mostly love this because it does a surprisingly good job at mixing the music with one of the best hi-ougis (special attacks) in Tales history.
bdd1 2006-05-10
?PTKFGS & YTMNSTFU: The Front Page (3.76) Spotz 2006-05-10
So true...
bdd1 2006-05-10
?sonic is drunk (2.67) starwarsowns 2006-05-10
This one speaks for itself...
bdd1 2006-05-10
?Carmen Sandiego has been FOUND AT LAST!!! (4.25) oracle402 2006-05-10
The mystery is finally solved...
bdd1 2006-05-10
?The Legend of 80s Zelda: Whirl Sword (4.04) MelonSoda5000 2006-05-10
It's so hypnotic...
bdd1 2006-05-10
?Final Fantasy VI - Ultros Rocks (4.15) cyanidebreathmint 2006-05-11
Mostly here because I LOVE the remixed tune!
bdd1 2006-05-11
?I Must Kill All the Robots... (3.30) VashOnFS 2006-05-14
What can I say? I love Daft Punk and the funny role-reversal here!
bdd1 2006-05-14
?Halo DDR (3.23) MGP 2006-05-18
Master Chief gets down to a game EVERYONE should own!
bdd1 2006-05-18
?Calvin needs Therapy (even more pics) (4.38) fatcat 2006-05-19
What can I say? Those snowmen are priceless...
bdd1 2006-05-19
?Sonic The Movie (4.06) BluesTheSquirrel 2006-05-22
Sonic's anime movie gets a counterpart that shall rival the Mario movie in more ways than one...
bdd1 2006-05-22
?Warriors of Light: 8-Bit Theater! (3.90) Sabishii-Kouen 2006-05-25
8-Bit Theater with astounding music. What's not to love?
bdd1 2006-05-25
?WOWEEE!! (yo son, kitty in this ytmnd NEDM) (2.58) Spotz 2006-06-13
Remember kids: Keep your cats and feline furs AWAY from catnip!
bdd1 2006-06-13
?Kratos Beat the Angel (2.61) K1migi 2006-06-19
Kratos Aurion wins. End. Of. Story.
bdd1 2006-06-19
?Mother/Earthbound Zero (4.15) ninkendo 2006-08-06
It truly IS video game... (check the YTMND to see the end)
bdd1 2006-08-06
?His spirit lives on . . . (4.62) TheGreatGatsby 2006-09-07
Yes, it does...
bdd1 2006-09-07
?WTF? Live Sailor Moon Moments (3.69) chrissippoo 2006-10-17
Added purely because of the stuffed animal versions of Luna and Artemis!
bdd1 2006-10-17
?OMG! SECRET NAZI GAME! (4.01) Thatoneguy64 2006-11-18
Just when you thought it was an innocent kids game...
bdd1 2006-11-18
?What color is Mega Man? (3.36) AirIsPoison 2007-03-10
Found this looking through KintarosTiger's faves list. Seems they benefitted from my favorites list, and what do you know? Now I'm returning the favor!
bdd1 2007-03-10
?YUGIOH REMIX!!! (3.17) reeseycup189 2007-03-13
I like this remix. Sue me.
bdd1 2007-03-13
?Do Them a Favore and Never Forget (3.29) Than 2007-03-13
I have no idea what particular part of this one makes me like it so much... I guess that means it wins for me in every way.
bdd1 2007-03-13
?Phoenix Wright Destroys Everything! (4.49) KyubiSan 2007-03-13
Never doubt the power of the FINGER!
bdd1 2007-03-13
?Zelos' Pimp Plan (3.80) queenie-z 2007-08-09
This guy is an 'effing genius.
bdd1 2007-08-09
No plan beats the Pimp Plan!
bdd1 2007-09-17
?Mario Climbs the Stairway to Heaven (4.45) Ochobobo 2007-09-17
Mario's journey to the aftergame...
bdd1 2007-09-17