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On on the site ?
5 stars
February 17th, 2011
Chuck my clock, but seriously this is some ga hey as
February 3rd, 2010
I fived your site because it goes against the stingy elitist ytmnd mentality, with many of it's pale *ss nerdy users. Why can't people get off their high horse and realize this site is made for people to f*ck around and have fun. Who gives a f*ck if you make a fad site, does it really matter that much?
February 3rd, 2010
Says the guy who makes all sites titled AIDS...
February 3rd, 2010
What a f*g. Are you the Photoshop pimp? Do you get laid doing ytmnd's? Who makes you an expert at ytmnd'ing? Stop criticizing people on technical skills and base your comments on funniness and relevance.
January 12th, 2010
gr33n you have a bunch of 2 or 3 star sites, so suck it, please.
January 12th, 2010
Well that makes me feel better.
January 7th, 2010
I don't really care for Moonman sites, but I do think Gr33nscr33 is a big brown turd. He downvotes nearly every site I've seen him vote on, while all of his sites literally are as fun as a pube covered vag.
November 12th, 2009
On on the site ?
October 16th, 2009
He is a double douche.
October 8th, 2009
On on the site ?
October 5th, 2009
Has quite an odor to it, but none the less, a great bracelet!
October 1st, 2009
On on the site ?I love the beach
oh snap! Sorry Mr. gr33nscr33. Please, bless me with your ytmnd wisdom and greatness.