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?Kirk Douglas Wants Sundaes! (4.44) syncan 2006-05-20
makes me laugh every time
chili 2006-05-20
?OH SNAP (3.86) inkweeweeus 2006-05-20
?Unicorns Are Kickass (3.99) syncan 2006-05-20
I don't wanna sound queer or nothin, but if this YTMND were a person I'd blow it.
chili 2006-05-20
?Chunk is Indestructible (4.51) syncan 2006-05-21
Goonies FTW!
chili 2006-05-21
?Walls had only one weakness (updated) (4.09) Blacktooth-Grin 2006-05-21
anthropomorphic juice pitcher FTW
chili 2006-05-21
?(nsfw) we ain't found shit (4.07) pockyamenbou 2006-05-25
This has always been the funniest part of Spaceballs to me.
chili 2006-05-25
?Loving it Bald! (4.19) pocketfudge 2006-05-27
?(nsfw) FAKE NIGGAZ (4.20) lolwiththewww 2006-06-03
?NES Jesus v3 ITMND (4.42) ytcracker 2006-07-07
funny, and actually good rappin
chili 2006-07-07