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oh dear god this is glorious
lol i'm suprised this hasn't happened sooner
well done good sir
On on the site ?Fun with Pop Music
5'd for great justice
On on the site ?Belairian Mosh
i lol'd
very well done
dear god.. this is awesome
On on the site ?P, B, and JAAAMIX
made me lol
would be better if the recordings weren't poor quality :(
lol done well
dear christ.. you're not bad!
On on the site ?LOL
wow.. that's epic
April 25th, 2007
i don't know why.. but i can't stop watching
April 24th, 2007
On on the site ?Not in my damn store.
must upvoat
April 23rd, 2007
On on the site ?Not in my damn store.
lmao you win the webbernetz
April 20th, 2007
On on the site ?Gizmo Got Da Flo'
wow that was well put together
April 12th, 2007
wow.. that's amazingly accurate
April 12th, 2007
dear god... that was amazing 5'd for great justice
best remix evar
On on the site ?
best evar
the gamefaqs in the background made it a 7, but i can only give 5's :(
March 27th, 2007
pretty awesome sound
March 27th, 2007
this ytmnd wins so hard
March 13th, 2007
lmao... rediculous
hahahaha this is pretty awesome "howditgetburned"
On on the site ?Darth Vader is Mufasa
this makes me LOL everytime ^_^
best 300tmnd ever made
On on the site ?Bubb Rubb
i want you to have my babies