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?...IS SAMURAI! (4.33) TjenTang 2006-05-14
I thought it was creative.. Funny, too.
cinereal 2006-05-14
?(nsfw) Epic Hentai Maneuver (4.34) ATMJess 2006-07-02
I died laughing.
cinereal 2006-07-02
?The truth about Google YTMNDs. (3.34) PirateSteve 2006-07-03
amen, sir.
cinereal 2006-07-03
?NEDM (Update also Original) (4.35) moheevi 2006-07-06
?(nsfw) Suck my dick! (4.23) aakman526 2006-07-20
I just love how it sounds like he's complaining.. "...Alright!! (fucking bitch..) Suck my dick! (if you must)" Gotta wonder what the guy in the suit is doing... and for that matter, what's up with the white gloves on the right side of the girl?
cinereal 2006-07-20
?lol, literally (4.23) shadydragon 2006-07-20