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November 24th, 2008
October 6th, 2008
On on the site ?
Best site ever
April 23rd, 2008
Count it! And the foul!
April 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?NEW CAPTAIN!!!!
I knew what was coming as soon as it started...5.
April 2nd, 2008
NOOOOOOOOO I had gone so long without seeing that. I thought I could make it. Damn it all! The internet got me in the end.
March 2nd, 2008
On on the site ?damn Damn DAMN 007
I thought this was going to suck. I was mistaken.
February 26th, 2008
Ahahahaha, man, this makes me care about elections even less. Whole government's a joke, might as well have a good laugh.
February 21st, 2008
On on the site ?Toolman Countdown
February 20th, 2008
February 20th, 2008
On on the site ?Gau B-Boxing
February 20th, 2008
Honestly, I was expecting Lando.
February 19th, 2008
By far the best KHANTMND ever.
February 9th, 2008
Needs more Would have gotten away with it...5'd anyway
February 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?HEY PATRIOTS FANS
Oh God their tears, they taste so sweet
January 31st, 2008
Reply to ub3RpyRo's comment on the site ?
That's only the starting roster, but, that demo did have mudkip as a pokeball pokemon, right? If so, lol.
January 30th, 2008
On on the site ?
Wow, so your unrealistic expectations got dashed. Cry more, this game is going to be awesome regardless.
January 16th, 2008
On on the site ?Sonic meets Stephanie
I would voat 8 if I could. Here's 5, anyway.
January 11th, 2008
On on the site ?Fox News Is A Pervert
5'd for being aware of his fate.
January 8th, 2008
Uh oh, here comes Chris Hansen...
January 4th, 2008
And no, I'm not too happy about his vote for the Patriot Act, either. That's why I was behind Kucinich, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen.
January 4th, 2008
Hah, that's an awfully rosy outlook. I wish this idea that Ron Paul supporters are God's gift to earth would die already. They aren't all geniuses. Anyway, my point is this would cause a trend of regionalism. You would start seeing pretty big differences between west coast states and southern states, for example.
January 4th, 2008
Soft drinks were always in the free market. This will be new for health care, and I honestly don't see a glut of new competitors moving in and thriving. Most knock-off soda brands make several other products to keep themselves afloat. Unless there's some business that starts selling cheap medicine, trail mix, knock-off cheez-its, and a bunch of other crap, I don't see new competitors lasting very long against these multi-billion dollar drug companies. I can see a lot of buy-outs, though.
January 4th, 2008
Reply to FlamingWombat's comment on the site ?
Proof that every single candidate other than Ron Paul is as you described? Maybe we're not the only ones who need education...
January 4th, 2008
Yeah, that kind of thinking is the same as these Evangelical Christians you're talking about. What we need is understanding between all religious groups. Basically, not agreement, but at least respect, which I would say many Evangelical Christians lack. Then again, every religion has these kind of people. It's not really fair to single out Christians, even though I agree that the attitudes of many Evangelical Christians contribute a great deal to global and national discord.
January 4th, 2008
That's foreign policy, I was talking about domestic policy. Incidentally, I don't approve of Obama's comments in reference to Iran or Iraq, but I don't believe he would actually take these measures. Hopefully my belief isn't misplaced.
January 4th, 2008
Logically speaking, these drug companies could use their ungodly amounts of capital to destroy any and all newcomers to a free market for health care.
January 4th, 2008
Reply to FlamingWombat's comment on the site ?
So....if anyone but Ron Paul wins the presidency, the result will be fascism? You're a fool. Listen to yourself.
January 3rd, 2008
"Why?" I offered my reasoning... Major drug companies have grown too powerful. If you open up the free market, who in their right mind would even try to compete? It would be a failed enterprise. Response?
January 3rd, 2008
I said nothing about raising taxes, only taking away ones already in effect. I'd love to see the income tax gone at some point, but it's not practical right now.
January 3rd, 2008
Why? There's no argument there...