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5'd for the look on Reno's face
They're also bad at math.
Rocks fall, everyone dies.
Epic ear rape maneuver.
The title makes it.
I was expecting a kind of Spanish Inquisition.
OMG you totally photoshopped that OUTRAGEOUS! in there! Fake! Also 5s
What is love? Baby don't google me
Nice Pacard, but the image doesn't loop in sync with the sound.
It's a spin-off, but a classy one. There's a reason the "here's my NEDM" sites aren't on top. Well, two reasons.
I wish my iPod could do that!
I'm pretty sure they grow on trees there.
404 chinks not found. You suck at racism. also c*cks.
I'd dock this site for not citing sources, but it was made in 2005 (before plagiarism was invented), and, besides, the sources are so obvious that even Zombie Helen Keller (we're fwb btw) was like, "Gamera covering Zeppelin? Kick ass!"
Maybe he was playing with the kids in the sand box.
On on the site ?erinkevin
I enjoyed the cheesy retro ambience.
5'd for something that I've never gotten in an email that begins with FWD. +5 for cleverness, + another 5 for originality.
4 for either Star Wars or Holst's Mars... ZOMG HOLST COPIED STAR WARS! but yeah, the sound makes this one.
is "errbody" the cat or the thing behind it?
It's Psycho. Bernard Herrmnan ftw.
According to wikipedia, great tits are common here.
It takes one to know one.
It's there, you just have to press ABACABB to see it
The biggest problem with the creationism vs evolution debacle is that both sides are represented by giant enemy crabs. On one side, we have two massive tools. On the other, we have Mr Composure and Titty McAngsty. And, really, aren't boobs a miracle?
On on the site ?Flash
How much does Dragon's Aery suck? On a scale of 1 to this site, I'd give it a 3.
I still play that sh*t. Epic Puppet Maneuver.
Well, he IS a douchebag. Also a c*ck.
No wonder it's #1!
On on the site ?? ? ?
Pork chop sandwiches?