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?Xenu Ends it All... (3.63) daytonafathead 2006-06-13
You downvoters are of course enabled to your own opinions, no matter how wrong they may be.
daytonafathead 2006-06-13
?Timetraveller explains YTMND... in the future! (4.26) Azhur 2006-08-07
daytonafathead 2006-08-07
?Dr. Dre Ft. Cosby (4.68) studged 2006-08-07
?Cosby Bebop (4.64) SirLemming 2006-08-07
daytonafathead 2006-08-07
?A Series of Tubes: The Movie (4.58) krebstar 2006-08-08
daytonafathead 2006-08-08
?Timeless Romance Epic (4.40) militiagung64 2006-08-08
Compelling! Outstanding! A winning first story for whoever wrote this!
daytonafathead 2006-08-08
?Sui-chan (3.95) FlakeSe 2006-08-13
Suicide aids evolution. I'm watching the weeding out of the human race LIVE.
daytonafathead 2006-08-13
?YTMMMND (4.23) syncan 2006-08-20
True dat.
daytonafathead 2006-08-20