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?AH AH AH. YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGI... (4.24) onefifty 2006-05-20
?Dr. Seuss Is A Genius (4.52) astuteNacute 2006-06-11
i don't know it worked so well, but it had me rolling on the floor.
deadweight 2006-06-11
?Dancing Cosby Entertains Agamemnon (4.53) drew00c 2006-06-22
?Can't Break Scotty's Stride (4.50) NovaDaveX 2006-06-28
?show this to the old woman (3.32) koitsu 2006-06-28
?He's Going The Wrong Way! (4.22) XIIIidiots 2006-08-14