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?Lazytown Blur (3.99) choopie911 2006-08-04
Simply Hillarious!
discopony 2006-08-04
?Incredible Exploits of Nothing (2.81) Peterguy 2006-08-04
I like your idea, and I think this is a cool creation! The music is pretty cool and I got a kick out of the huge amount of people bashing you in comments! :) As a biology major, I thought this was pretty interesting to see. I don't see the point in ripping the creator apart for not being 100% accurate, this is an artistic presentation of a possibility/idea. You criticize the creator of this for being preachy, yet you shove your philosophy down his throat? Shame on you. If you don't like this YTMND, don't watch it.
discopony 2006-08-04
?Net Neutrality, notice a pattern? (4.01) trainrobbinscoundrel 2006-08-23
discopony 2006-08-23
?Christian Martyrdom (2.48) whetstone 2006-09-06
Great YTMND. As usual, I have to say that no one here is forcing anyone to watch this. Before you criticize him for "Forcing you to view this," keep in mind that no one is making you click the link, nor is anyone preventing you from clicking the back button on your browser. Just as those who are educated followers of Islam do not consider those who commit acts of terror to be true followers of their religion of peace, most protestants don't think that the Catholic church is in the right in regaurds to many issues (political and religious). When you make claims of the crusades or of the KKK, you're showing that you lack any education or true understanding of what you're talking about. The catholic church, as a part of the state, was extremely corrupt during the darker ages of humanity. Some of the attrocities they commited are among the worst things ever done to innocent people. [cont]
discopony 2006-09-06
?Why God Exists (Updated with Q and A at the end) (2.95) whetstone 2006-09-07