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May 10th, 2008
I liked it's sequal title Jackie Brown when they rob the bank and there is a stand off.
March 4th, 2008
I usally give her a few butt stomps just to show her who's boss.
February 17th, 2008
Text blocks the document
February 15th, 2008
Wanna know why you didn't see that sign?
February 14th, 2008
So do I! I enjoyed Vice City way more than San Andreas.
February 14th, 2008
King George W. Bush is Solidus.
February 14th, 2008
On on the site ?Pokémon: Africa!
What social incident made this surface? It's from 2006!
February 7th, 2008
I actually like the song NUMB. It's good.
February 1st, 2008
Gundam Wing? F*ck that.
January 19th, 2008
I have your sh*t Church of ScientoLOLgy. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT?
January 19th, 2008
Wow, I saw this movie today and I also noticed that. It happens when they are ridding the Farris Wheel.
January 18th, 2008
January 6th, 2008
It's Zelda's theme orchastrated. So basically any game that has Zelda in it, that's about 94-98% of them, I think.
January 6th, 2008
Here's my combo breaker: Nice music.
January 6th, 2008
Hence, he is not on the list. :) Link = Not Gay
January 6th, 2008
You just made this site 10x better!
January 4th, 2008
This is just gay characters, not epicly gay characters.
January 4th, 2008
This is not an issue of homosexuals. This is men looking to have sex with other men.
January 3rd, 2008
Who gives a sh*t. They are both MMORPG's that suck money out of peoples' wallets.
January 2nd, 2008
December 31st, 2007
Yes, yes, I get the joke but still, needs a Zelda reference.
December 31st, 2007
I think you missed the point...
December 31st, 2007
Phantom Hourglass should be in there!
December 21st, 2007
On on the site ?FFXI sucks
Turn based RPG's are sh*t...
December 20th, 2007
This how you look at it if your gay and have sh*t video card/web broswer. http://content.ytmnd.com/content/f/d/6/fd68f53d7a3534f2df5dbd07b80f430a.gif
December 18th, 2007
On on the site ?(nsfw) n i h r Z?
i don't want to see the rest of your family album..
December 18th, 2007
Haha, the sh*t has floated to the top again.