gonlaaz's recent comments:

January 4th, 2021
On on the site ?f*ck fish harmonics
f*ck these fish
December 24th, 2020
On on the site ?Welcome to Fart Farm
I made a tutorial for new ytmnd users.
December 13th, 2020
i really liked this one, good quality
December 13th, 2020
didn't go on long enough
December 7th, 2020
the good ol days
December 1st, 2020
while i may not agree with the spinners that you ride, i will defend to the death your right to ride them
November 30th, 2020
On on the site ?Kramer is shocked
c'mon man quit being racist
November 30th, 2020
i don't like right wing chuds talking about "cancel culture" on ytmnd, they're one of 5960 types of ytmnd users i hate
November 30th, 2020
a little soft, had to turn it way up
November 26th, 2020
November 26th, 2020
i love this site
November 26th, 2020
On on the site ?I FELL ON MY KEYS
for whom the keys toll
November 26th, 2020
On on the site ?Welcome to ALFs
this seems underappreciated
November 26th, 2020
test 5
October 26th, 2020
On on the site ?69/86: Picard Man
Did anyone say "Make it so" yet? No? Okay, my comment is "Make it so".
September 25th, 2020
On on the site ?Miss Marplestory 3D
Marp, what are you doing?
September 25th, 2020
is that greenscreen on that tower?
July 31st, 2020
You Know The Rules. Its Time to Die
July 30th, 2020
loader got to like 3% i think
July 28th, 2020
^ you know this guy can't make good sites
July 25th, 2020
July 25th, 2020
Regis Philbin would have liked this site, RIP
July 24th, 2020
July 24th, 2020
george costanza spicy chicken city
July 24th, 2020
looking at the recently created ytmnds in 2020, seems like everyday is garbage day
July 23rd, 2020
that would have been a great site though