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On on the site ?PTKFGS: Dr-R337
Nicery Done!
On on the site ?Hey Ms. Piggy Piggy!
I really hate that guy. I hope he gets his panoose caught in his Game Cube one day, has to get it surgically removed, and then the story gets posted on the Net. Now that would be great. DEATH to JoshCube!!!!!!!
On on the site ?Hey Piggy Piggy!
Heheh. Nice.
You're right you aren't a racist, because Judaism is a RELIGION!! I've argued this point with my Jewish friends many times. You can't convert to a race!
On on the site ?inner thoughtz
5'd because you did it first. I thought that I had an original idea, but alas, I was wrong. If there are any problems you have in my keeping mine, lemme know. I really had no idea it was done before. ( Shoulda checked more thoroughly.)
On on the site ?SHH! Don't Tell YTMND
On on the news post carol of the bells.
Sounds great,Max. Happy New Year.
On on the site ?New 4chan logo
And transexual cartoon character lovers!
5'd because you jusr gave me a great idea!! FAKE SINGLES ADS!!
5'd for Transformers! Where the hell can I find that trailer?
On on the site ?Poland Tool Kit
Cool. I was thinking of something like this the other day, but ultimately didn't do it. But I will send any suggestions I have to you.
On on the site ?Super Hot Tila Nguyen
( Insert Homer Simpson drooling noise here. )
Apparently noone likes comic covers. I did one from that sight where Supes is calling Lois and Lana stupid for not notcing the difference with the glasses off, and got slagge dby multiple peeps
On on the site ?Epic Subway Maneuver
Thats some big balls!
Hilarious!!!!!!! Also, Fav'd!
OMFG this is the funniest thing I've ever heard!
On on the site ?Indy 4 Teaser Trailer
How long I have waited to see that.
On on the site ?Caricature YTMND
The TimeTraveller just cracks me up everytime! Keep'em comin'!
On on the site ?It's Good! Want Some?
This chocolate thing never gets old. Now you need to do one from that new King Kong.
Got me good with that! Actually jumped a bit!
On on the site ?I need your help!
It looks to be in the style of Mike Mignola ( HellBoy). Thats all the help I can give.
On on the site ?Wolverine Vs. Hulk
Nice pic. Apparently Wolvie crawls 4 miles to get his legs and miraculously heals back to normal with no surgical assistance.