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July 12th, 2014
On on the site ?Tool Time
add in the home improvement theme at the end
September 17th, 2013
Sun Man approves
May 12th, 2013
This works well. What's the film?
May 1st, 2013
Also, 5'd for letting the music play
May 1st, 2013
needs a craptmnd watermark
April 16th, 2013
HAHAHahhaha I love how terrible this is
April 8th, 2013
This is absolutely fascinating
April 8th, 2013
Heut ist mein dog
April 1st, 2013
4'd for no lazytown
April 1st, 2013
On on the site ?
I lol'd so friggin hard lawlzorzzzzzzz
April 1st, 2013
What's the film?
March 26th, 2013
On on the site ?JOSHUABURTHDUR
This made my tummy hurt all night
March 24th, 2013
March 20th, 2013
On on the site ?Where?
Music is killer
March 19th, 2013
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Man this deserves more recognition. The lyrics are hilarious and the use of KKK is amazing. 5'd
March 19th, 2013
Wow. This one went under the radar. Great site.
March 18th, 2013
Music really puts this one over the top. Wow. Just an amazing site.
March 13th, 2013
Can't get enough of this one. Music really pwns
December 18th, 2012
On on the site ?4 million miles out
Stone in Focus. Sweet.
October 4th, 2012
three stars for the BOC
July 30th, 2012
On on the site ?Frank Drebin
This deserves way more appreciation...
July 10th, 2012
On on the site ?jheri curl geordi
Couldn't have picked a better piece of music
January 20th, 2012
? Clearly, you've never played Sonic 3D Blast.
January 20th, 2012
Roxored my boxors
January 20th, 2012
June 9th, 2010
On on the site ?Crossfire Gear Solid
June 9th, 2010
I found myself laughing hardest at the fact that you didn't edit the opening title music, letting it play all the way through. Nice frame though. I lawled thoroughly on the inside.
May 20th, 2010
On on the site ?Sideways Wineglass
This site sucks.
May 1st, 2010
On on the site ?MST3K - It Stinks
A perfect example of ytmnd intuition. OF COURSE this was made into a site.

"With a pickle mind, we kick the nipple beers!"
March 30th, 2010
It's the moonwalk. 5