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XD, nice YTMND but you bitch! you BITCH!
What game are you playing? The graphics look like sh*t. >_>
On on the site ?ouch
Thanks for stealing my pic, fatass and making it gay. :|
It's good, just that IE sucks total ass, so you don't get a 5.
On on the site ?Picard Song
Awesome song. :D
This is so stupid. You covered up the two names but left the name at the top uncovered. :| Also, this is been done. 1'd.
On on the site ?London gets Hassan'd
That's really, really low. You get 1'd.
ROFL! Leroy rules again! :D
Is he jerkin'? O_O
rofl, what a loser.
On on the site ?FreeCopyOfHarryPotter
How f*cking unoriginal can you get?
On on the site ?There he is!
Pretty good. -2 because you're using IE.
ROFL! Not as good as the first one, but still damn funny.
God damn. How touching! ;_; XD
On on the site ?What is love!?
captiancharisma why u gotta be such a slut bag?
ROFL! That's got to be the fakest page I've ever seen. XD
Meh, is this real Xizer?
f*cking albinos! XD
i hope you die
Awesome one! XD