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ermm ok I'll have that white thing just below the graphics card port (I think) that looks like a hand pointing downwards, please & thank you =]
Rebecca Black Shark O_o
lol, Pontypridd... 20 miles away ftw
On on the site ?Target : scientology
i did it =]]
let's get a little bit closer baby.
Maddox = 5
It's a trap?
On on the site ?NEDM explained!
Gah. All this fad has done has made me addicted to that song. Which is why I 5 you =]
On on the site ?Cosby Bebop
:O hole-ay crap... damn that's good.
On on the site ?Open wide
=] 5'd for the song. i have it on cd. *hangs head in shame*
That's one of my favourite Simpsons episodes of all time =) I thank you.
clappy =D
i think it's hilarious just as it is, with the square dot. it makes it funnier :D
that's the most i've ever laughed at a ytmnd :D
On on the site ?VOTE OBAMA
ugh. i hate you.
For Pet Or People Accidents.
i love those books, they should make yours... :D
heh. i have a pooka, he's a raven called Ralph. lol.
NES Kashmir wtf?
On on the site ?
please die.
get off my computer screen and die. twat.
On on the site ?O NO
wtf? get away from ytmnd and go die instead of infecting my computer screen with your mindless picture and f*ggy emo music. twat.
that is bloody brilliant.
On on the site ?Thriller in FFXI
On on the site ?Right Now It's YTMND
"right now" is not important...