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?Metal Gear Chocolate (4.42) hehehelololol 2006-06-27
ooozmin 2006-06-27
LOL X 100!
ooozmin 2006-09-05
LOL X 100. Man even though I'm not too big of a Spongebob fan, I LOVED this part of the episode! Way to go!
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?France Fighter II Turbo (Zidane) (4.49) smoothmedia 2006-07-10
ooozmin 2006-07-10
The only worthy Zidane a little = )
ooozmin 2006-08-29
This is one of the best Zidane YTMND's by far. There are few that even come close to this. And an even smaller portion that come close =)
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?LazyTown Glowstick Rave (4.29) ALMusic 2006-08-25
Best rave and cake remix, ever!
ooozmin 2006-08-25
Best YTMND rave...and cake remix......EVER.
ooozmin 2006-09-05
This LazyTown YTMND brings together the best in both worlds, CAKE SONG! (rave remix) and a rave. O ya Stephanie too ;). I can watch this for hours...
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?You heard of Yu-Gi-Oh? *updated image* (4.37) epsilonminus 2006-09-10
Epic, that's all.
ooozmin 2006-09-10
ooozmin 2006-09-10
Not really much to say about this YTMND other then it's so epic. Makes me wanna go see the movie so I can just watch this part. Even though I heard the movie licked...w/e, still pimp YTMND.
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?Ex Gon' Give It To Ya (4.35) Hawkman 2006-10-01
Ex gon' give it to ya!!!!!!!!!
ooozmin 2006-10-01
Few YTMND's have made me laugh this hard. It's just 'cause of the memories I have tied with this song OMG! Sooo funny.
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?Color ME YTMND (4.70) nutnics 2006-10-15
ooozmin 2006-10-15
You can see the pure effort that went into this will make a nice background. I would have liked it even if it was in it's original form...except for the missing Stephanie! That is my favorite part of this YTMND, even thouhg it dosen't look exactly like her (I COULDEN'T DO EVEN HALF AS MUCH)
ooozmin 2006-10-29
?BK Ends the Feud (4.47) Fortune 2007-01-06
Hate the fad...but I cant resist this....
ooozmin 2007-01-06
?louvre the man now dog (3.97) xoc 2007-01-06
Why not higher =(
ooozmin 2007-01-06 we go. Everytime I watch this YTMND I find something new in the background. It took a lot of effort to make this YTMND and I absolutely love it. Honestly I still would have faved it even if there was no Stephanie in it lol. I just don't understand why it dosen't have a higer rating and more views! WHY!?
ooozmin 2007-01-07
?Stephanie Apple Jazzed Evening (3.83) lazytown4 2007-01-21
I dont know why I can stop watching this...Stephanie is so cute in this!!! The music is really nice add adds such a nice effect to the whole ytmnd. Yummy more SPORTS CANDY!!!
ooozmin 2007-01-21
?LazyTown game (16-bit) (4.26) detalub0 2007-03-30
Wow, it's so AMAZING
ooozmin 2007-03-30
WOW, I can't believe I haven't seen this before. Awesome sound and picture, who wheee...
ooozmin 2007-03-31
?Operation Covert Dodgeball (4.50) Remixx 2007-06-09
OMFG! That is so epic. I'm guessing it is low quality because of how big the gif is. Hahaha that is honestly epic shit.
ooozmin 2007-06-09
?(nsfw) Lazytown: Epic Door Maneuver (3.92) Zafa 2007-08-08
This is the most fucking epic shit I have ever seen EVER! OMFG! EPIC EPIC EPIC EVERYTHING!
ooozmin 2007-08-08
This is the most f*cking epic shit I have ever seen EVER! OMFG! EPIC EPIC EPIC EVERYTHING!
ooozmin 2007-10-03
?Addicted to ROCK (4.09) Dr-Rockso 2007-10-05
BEST ROCKSO...EVAR!!!!!!! (Robbie style lol)
ooozmin 2007-10-05
?Clowns don't like your kind (3.99) Kaizen666 2007-10-05
Absolutely amazing edits! This one is so funny!
ooozmin 2007-10-05
?Aragorn made the call (4.18) Wootsat 2007-12-08
It's not everyday that one comes across such a great YTMND. Not only is this hilarious as hell, but Wootsat does and amazing job in making it as visually and audio appealing as possible! Also this is 98.5% unique! I love this, it makes the laugh every time.
ooozmin 2007-12-08
?Brown Paper Bag (3.84) AndySavage 2008-02-07
DAMN! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! This site is the best cause it related to me sooo much. Haha made it before I could!!! lol
ooozmin 2008-02-07
?[]run GothSteph.nimp@mm _mkdir ^\ (4.26) nutnics 2008-03-26
ooozmin 2008-03-26
?New Unlockable Mode in Doom (4.48) ChickenSoda 2008-06-13
Indeed an instaclassic! Totally wasn't expecting this AT ALL! Great, funny, and totally original LOL!!!!!!!
ooozmin 2008-06-13
?(nsfw) Empire Strikes Back: Original Ending (4.59) Phernoree 2008-07-15
It's because site like these that I love YTMND so much. OMFG this site is soooo goood. Totally original, totally only come across site gem's like these only once!
ooozmin 2008-07-15
?Sinister hackers! (4.05) shizzle5150 2008-07-16
Oh my,
ooozmin 2008-07-16
?BOX NIGHTMARE (4.24) keatonkeaton999 2008-07-24
Absolutely genius! Totally unbelievable, this is what brings me back to YTMND all the time
ooozmin 2008-07-24
?</ more please \> (4.19) laundry 2008-08-06
It's the music that got me on this one. Great visuals too, quite an interesting idea. Random much though??? HAHAHAHAHA
ooozmin 2008-08-09
?Future Electronics Expo '88 (4.43) keatonkeaton999 2008-08-06
Definitely the music that got me on this one too. It's amazing how just the music from a YTMND can make me fav it. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT.
ooozmin 2008-08-09
?Metal Gear Bernie Mac (4.06) peesauce 2008-08-09
RIP BIG BERNIE MAC. Damn man you made me laugh so hard, I actually thought you were the funniest guy ever. RIP man.
ooozmin 2008-08-09
?Fight on Google street view: NYC (4.40) greenbanana 2008-08-21
Hahahahahahaha, I totally wasn't expecting this at all. A totally brilliant YTMND, definitely one to go down in my books. TMNT SNES was one of the best game out there, great music too!
ooozmin 2008-09-06
?Hard Safety - New Trailer! (4.77) TonyOrlando 2008-09-06
The mother of ALL Safety YTMND's. Oh my, can you say EPIC!? lolololololol this is one of my biggest favs, guaranteed! ;)
ooozmin 2008-09-06
?Geordi Meter (4.61) stoned 2009-06-06
JAWESOME! After such a long time of sites that really didn't jolt me much, this one hit me hard! Insta-fav for me. Great choice in music and excellent image!!!
ooozmin 2009-06-06
?(nsfw) Safety Aint Guaranteed, Nigga (3.89) pimp-o-matic 2009-09-24
?Shaw Drive - 3:18pm (4.44) NiteSky 2010-02-15
?Can Your Grandfada Do This? *{Dubstep}* (4.38) Cliffington88 2010-06-10
?Darkplace (4.28) Dandere 2010-06-10
?it's for you (4.57) flotilla 2010-06-10
?. : · . ˑ̣̇ : · ̰,̴☀ ˑ ∙̈ &mid... (4.30) biologicalcomponent 2011-01-31
?Escape (resizable) (4.50) kekko 2011-02-12