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?Semi-epic Picard Manuever (4.34) airbornebryan 2006-05-13
This is why Picard is captain, efficiency.
palehorse864 2006-05-13
?Epic Geordi Manuever (4.45) airbornebryan 2006-05-13
?Galaxy Angel Dance Party (2.52) mokona7 2006-05-13
?Judith Mossman vs. Barney Calhoun (4.23) Jute-Mill 2006-05-13
Dr. breen as chiyo? Hehehehe, I love it.
palehorse864 2006-05-13
?When Ryan Stiles attacks (2.47) Tokakeke 2006-05-14
?Friendless Asian kid plays with creepy old Asian M... (4.30) money-hat 2006-06-03
This is a definite up vote. I loved this movie when I watched it and the theme song makes the perfect ytmnd.
palehorse864 2006-06-03
?The Ultimate Suffering (4.58) syncan 2006-06-09
Very funny. I loved the Princess Bride and that was great. The only place I would really up the frame rate if need be (Assuming you didn't have to sacrifice anything else) would be on Inigo and Fezzik at the end. Make Inigo's lips sync to the words and it would help. Still, a huge 5 stars!
palehorse864 2006-06-09
?Laissez Faire Economics (3.67) ghettopiper 2006-06-09
?Magneto is Goin' to San Francisco (3.79) Suilenroc 2006-06-09
Very nice. Please though, find a bigger picture if you get a chance. I checked the longer version by the way and this is much better. The bridge destruction part wasn't as good as this is.
palehorse864 2006-06-09
?Winners Don't Act Like These Guys (3.59) Trev-MUN 2006-06-12
?Star Trek: Kruge wants Genesis (3.83) makeupman182 2006-06-13
?TIME TO DO BATTLE! (4.50) ChickenSoda 2006-06-15
?Kitten Can't Defeat the Tail! (4.21) Chin2 2006-07-04
It wasn't difficult to choose this as a personal favorite.
palehorse864 2006-07-04
?The Price is Galaxy Angel (2.81) Monikku 2006-07-09
I'm guessing that somehow Milfuelle did something odd and won.
palehorse864 2006-07-09
?The wonders of 4chan (4.32) Genshin 2006-07-16
?Arnold is too strong for Price is Right (4.01) mattdh12 2006-07-25
?Swedish Chef: bebubebududeh (4.12) Shrek52 2006-07-29
Swedish chef nonsense
palehorse864 2006-07-29
?Osaka in Excelsis Deo! (3.98) galaxia416 2006-08-03
Hehehe wow. Don't forget to cite your sources for the sound. THis is great.
palehorse864 2006-08-03
?We’re artists now. (4.60) dedcat 2006-08-05
IS there no way to give this more than 5 stars? :( Oh well, I'll favorite it. That's close enough. :)
palehorse864 2006-08-05
?Anime needs more... cowbell? (4.10) KyleTheWeasel 2006-08-06
Definitely a 5 here. I wish I had thought of this one.
palehorse864 2006-08-06
?Chinese Mafia Surprise Party! (3.63) MurdarMachene 2006-08-08
?Apologise To The Rice! (4.14) Comptroller 2006-08-08
?Japan wins WBC ::YATTA!!:: (3.81) ssj100matt 2006-08-14
?Skittles Guy Addresses Congress (3.90) SirLemming 2006-08-18
?Chobits: Chi Copies (3.98) SwordChucksYo 2006-08-18
?Lupin's Elevator (4.04) sabremau 2006-08-31
?Mikuru Not Guaranteed (4.17) sabremau 2006-08-31
?Something's wrong with the CD!! (refresh) (4.25) sabremau 2006-08-31
?Fleetwood iMac (4.06) vipersniper 2006-09-01
?If you're flammable and have legs...[mitch h... (4.32) LupinTheThird 2006-09-03
?Snakes on a Plane: The Official Prequel (4.15) TheOminousThey 2006-09-04
?Azumanga - Hallo everynyun! OH MY GAH (4.32) arch3type 2006-09-04
?lol ecstacy of gold (4.07) Tekdude 2006-09-05
Nice choice on "The Ecstacy of Gold" for the music. Keep it original. A great twist on the LOL fad and probably the best site of the fad. This was one of the greatest scenes in a movie with many great scenes.
palehorse864 2006-09-05
?Mitch Hedberg understands Sexymofo (4.08) LupinTheThird 2006-09-06
Great use of Mitch Material to apply to the current YTMND situation.
palehorse864 2006-09-06
?Picard receives flowers! (3.86) snipaho 2006-09-10
?Haruhi Wright (4.04) Typo-Mna 2006-09-15
?Don't beat me down, Bruce Lee (4.15) fe7 2006-09-15
?MST3K Indian Swing Chant! (From Werewolf) (4.15) CaelumRevert 2006-09-22
?All Aboard the Pain Train! (3.79) scrotum 2006-09-26
To all the downvoters: "What, you think your better than us? I'll bet we could lift more with our little finger than you could with your whole body... MANDELBAUM MANDELBAUM MANDELBAUM!"
palehorse864 2006-09-26
?Wonka's Laxatives (4.33) Trev-MUN 2006-09-29
?Jerry Seinfeld IS Destructible (4.31) Ned123 2006-10-04
?New Talent on 60 Minutes (4.78) Improviser 2006-11-09
?Follow The Rimmer Shaped Blur (3.75) preeko 2007-12-22
?Mulder Competes in a Pie-Eating Contest (4.17) AdmiralAckbar 2008-01-01
?Episode VI Unreleased Ending (4.43) Daveo 2008-01-15
?DS9: IT'S A FAKE! (4.19) arosenb481 2008-01-15
?MY STRADIVARIUS! (3.77) Omega1 2008-02-15
?LOL is My Child (syncs in Firefox) (4.69) Big-P 2008-03-16
?Crazy Joe Davola puts the kibosh on your soul (3.26) Mightyhog 2008-04-12
?Jim Carrey Enjoys a Tennis Match (4.39) LordMegatron 2009-03-22