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Music was good, picture almost made me leave immediately though.
On on the site ?Fun with Pop Music
5'd dat sh*t.
On on the site ?
The site is long, but I watched it. Cho-Seung-Hui is not a hero, or for that matter someone you should look up to. Just because you become a social outcast doesn't mean you should choose to end your life (or in his case, innocent peoples lives too) You always have a choice, and he chose stupidly. Do you want to be shortly remembered for your stupidity, and then forgotten quickly by the masses?
I should have known you would make this crappy site.
On on the site ?Nin Ten Doo Hahaha
Instant Success.
On on the site ?Tewl's Noggin
leave your petty fights for myspace, f*ggot.
I'm going to Hell, but even as a Christian, I LOL'ed.
wow screenshot, ftl.
5'd for the song!
On on the site ?Halo fails at online
More like "kegs-dude fails at establishing connection" or for that matter, "kegs-dudes fails at making a good ytmnd"
That's probably what my friend meant to say, not what he actually did. But thanks for the fix.
On on the site ?hurley vdub!
You have it.
On on the site ?ass cracks
these are nice asses= 3
5 for newb guide, -1 for lack of lag definition... Lag is often caused by an overload of data to a computer...usually not a low connection rate.
I heard of a story from my friend. His physics professor said their final [exam] was to write an essay proving that the [said] chair didn't exist. Supposably, the students were to use all that they had learned that year to try and disprove the chair's existance. His friend wasn't really into the test, and so smarting off he put this; "What chair?" Epic test passer.
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yay boobs.
On on the site ?paraDeutschland
A site named for me? you're too sweet
and you still don't learn.
First, you don't post stupid WOW stuff. Then you NEVER type any of the following acronyms; " OMG, LOL, ROFL, WTF, PWNED, O RLY, OWNED, OMFG" so on so forth. FTL.
On on the site ?BLIZZARD CAN STFU!
Obviously didn't get the "complete lack of creativity" part of making a website.
On on the site ?OH HAPPY DAY!!!
On on the site ?H-E-L-LO
Instant success.
i dont get it.