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March 16th, 2007
I was going to make something like this.
December 1st, 2006
On on the site ?(nsfw) kkkramer
I love the way his voice breaks on the last word. That's what's so insane about this.
November 24th, 2006
On on the site ?Kramer's Apology
Farting is a reoccuring MurdarMachene theme, stop asking to have it changed. Continuity, people!
November 21st, 2006
November 13th, 2006
This sounds exactly like a Múm song
October 30th, 2006
Five for immortalizing ytmnd Culture on ur skin.
October 30th, 2006
I love how they switch back and the music stops, and then the audience laughs.
October 29th, 2006
On on the site ?The ATHFth Element
Why does the other guy sound like Christopher Walken? Creeeepy.
October 27th, 2006
On on the site ?Cacophonytmnd
I did this weeks ago to 10 NEDM sites. For one millisecond they synched.
October 27th, 2006
don't f*ck with the jesus.
October 1st, 2006
I was expecting bongo bong when I realized it was Manu Chao, but whatever.
September 29th, 2006
On on the site ?SOLAR YAK
Very, very above-average.
September 27th, 2006
On on the site ?Zombies, emos
That's odd, I know an emo kid who looks like a zombie.
September 27th, 2006
It needs "wouldn't it be nice..." right after the screaming. Still awesome though.
September 11th, 2006
i saw myself, awesome
September 7th, 2006
On on the site ?SEGA LIVES!
Does that really work?
August 23rd, 2006
5 for Rave On.
August 21st, 2006
On on the site ?Fun with junk mail
"As long as you're all here, check out my other sites and let me know if any of them are stolen from maddox, too. Thanks so much!" Awesome. I had actually seen that on Maddox's site but completely forgot about it. Whatever, it's still a cool idea.
August 2nd, 2006
It's the same guy.
July 25th, 2006
You need an NEDM, something like "Not even doom music could stop me from loving you." That's all I can think of.
July 11th, 2006
I like that Brian Peppers N64 Kid one better, but it's okay plain like this.
July 11th, 2006
On on the site ?Bleach: Alarming!
lol at Kimura-sensei, and at Miyamoto for being happy about it.
July 8th, 2006
I was wondering what you would do for automatic circumcisors. I was amused by it.
July 7th, 2006
OMG AWESOME. Took me a while to figure out it was A Clockwork Orange...
June 28th, 2006
Awesome, I actually got 64 as an answer on my last math exam. I whispered it, though.
June 28th, 2006
Where's the indian wolf quote?? Still, five.
June 27th, 2006
"Your biggest fan, N.E." ..D.M. lol
June 27th, 2006
I was waiting for the NEDM to come in after you mentioned it, but then I let my guard down.