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?Richard Nixon Blur (3.73) LordXanthus 2006-05-10
Let me tell you what those f*ckers have done to America.
sandshrewd 2006-05-10
?LINK uses OMNISLASH!! (super smash bros) (3.69) LifeInGreen 2006-05-13
God I want this game.
sandshrewd 2006-05-13
?Luigi Sings Wii Will Rock You (3.87) Amation 2006-05-21
sandshrewd 2006-05-21
?Then, the Suffering was no more... (4.38) nutnics 2006-05-21
ahahhahahaha holy shit
sandshrewd 2006-05-21
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-06-01
Dear god... allen wrenches, gerbil feeders, toilet seats, electric heaters Trash compactors, juice extractor, shower rods and water meters Walkie-talkies, copper wires safety goggles, radial tires BB pellets, rubber mallets, fans and dehumidifiers Picture hangers, paper cutters, waffle irons, window shutters Paint removers, window louvers, masking tape and plastic gutters Kitchen faucets, folding tables, weather stripping, jumper cables Hooks and tackle, grout and spackle, power foggers, spoons and ladles Pesticides for fumigation, high-performance lubrication Metal roofing, water proofing, multi-purpose insulation Air compressors, brass connectors, wrecking chisels, smoke detectors Tire guages, hamster cages, thermostats and bug deflectors Trailer hitch demagnetizers, automatic circumcisers Tennis rackets, angle brackets, Duracells and Energizers Soffit panels, circuit brakers, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers Calculators, generators, matching salt and pepper shakers
sandshrewd 2006-06-01
?Karate Kid II Drums - Miyagi's Final Salute (4.05) TDP 2006-07-15
Rest in peace, old man.
sandshrewd 2006-07-15
?Ron Stoppable & Kim Possible have NO class (4.50) Mohrdikai 2006-07-16
Ahahaha nice
sandshrewd 2006-07-16
?Gmod Particle Man (Refresh) (4.51) Joehadenuf 2006-07-25
sandshrewd 2006-07-25
?Mr. Burns has a problem (4.22) MasterSitsu 2006-07-25
sandshrewd 2006-07-25
?We’re artists now. (4.60) dedcat 2006-08-02
sandshrewd 2006-08-02
?Sean Connery fails at Duck Hunt (4.56) juiceman 2006-08-08
For God's Sake!
sandshrewd 2006-08-08
?The YTMND Ambigram (now with 20% more Y!) (4.56) HelixSnake 2006-08-19
Simple. Brilliant.
sandshrewd 2006-08-19
?The Golden Ratio... (4.08) Pikestaff 2006-08-30
Freezepop ftw
sandshrewd 2006-08-30
?His spirit lives on . . . (4.62) TheGreatGatsby 2006-09-05
Sad, yet the music and smile bring about a sense of hope... a new hope :)
sandshrewd 2006-09-05
?An eye for an eye (4.48) GamerDude 2006-09-05
Steve Irwin's so awesome that he gets 2 favorites :)
sandshrewd 2006-09-05
?The Piranha Plants take over! (4.64) AngryDriver 2006-09-11
note: YTMND itself is good, but the real gold's in the comments
sandshrewd 2006-09-11
?You're Not a Virgin, Are You? (4.10) lizardman 2006-09-24
That cheeky lizardman ;)
sandshrewd 2006-09-24
?kirbyseesdeath (4.24) wildwookie05 2006-10-14
Ballad of the Windfish wins it for me
sandshrewd 2006-10-14