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Hatetmnd = fail.
On on the site ?See N Say
"Why am I denied my right to f*ck a See-N-Say??"
On on the site ?Jesuuuus!!!
On on the site ?OH NOES
Do'en Itz.
sounds nothing like 4chan she's saying.
On on the site ?Kickstart My Heart
Should have added in the guitar solo part, but otherwise nice!
On on the site ?matt
Jeez...couldn't even remove the "Istockphoto" watermark?.....WTH.
No...I'm not into all that Pokemon stuff....
Not dramatic-ey enough.
The only reason I 3'd it is because it looks like dude on the left has his *ss in some chicks face.....and it reminded me of my weekend.
I can agree with that, but not with you 5'ing this what you're saying is that he fits in with about 90% of every other YTMND user. weren't talking about me. Nvm.
How so?
I bet he poked her again later that night.
That...and if you watch him say "Do it live" in the thought goes along with the beat. Very well done.
....There Will Be Blood....
I saw the razor.....and knew there was no Gator....
On on the site ?Space: The Fart Frontier
Now..make two more of these, then go back and make a prequel to it all that sucks so hard light bends when it get's near it's mouth.
From this day forth..I will call Umfuld "N*gg*r"'s not like I dont do that already anyway.....
Nope. The only alts I ever had were, Limeybastard, F*ckers, "this one technically" and my main was Huntington. After getting that rash case of the mondays out of my system, I deleted all my alts. While they were sitting in the queue to be deleted, I saw that a mod had scheduled my main Huntington for deletion. So I undeleted Screwyousweaty and am sticking with him as my one and only account now. As it stands all other accounts have been deleted as of the 21st.
He's gotta get back to watching Ratatouille.
I like masturbating on rubble too!
Dinosaurs and naked, flaming dancing chick boobs. I understand now.
Underscores need some work, also you missed a whole row of "F's" any event, still a 3*
Absolutely! I would even 4 or 5 it then.
Actually, Huntington was deleted as well. Since it was my main, I'm keeping Sweaty. It's my only account now.
On on the site ?DOWNVOTERS UNITE
You can always count on MY downvote!
On on the site ?When Smokey Sings
Why does David Bowie come to mind when I watch this?