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March 5th, 2009
Could you please write with remorse[s]?
February 7th, 2009
Where do all of these Koen clips come from? I can't find sh*t on him, haha
November 19th, 2008
Reply to Spaztick's comment on the site ?B-Tape 2 the other song it was mixed with.
November 15th, 2008
It was really funny, up until the bit where the text turns white, then it was just annoying.
November 15th, 2008
Lost a star, because you spelled Mr. Nilsson's name wrong :<
November 9th, 2008
On on the site ?Voting on a site
how do I voted 5?
November 5th, 2008
On on the site ?McCain concedes
Did anyone else notice that Obama's victory music on CBS News was the theme to the Pirates of the Caribbean? I sh*t you not.
November 3rd, 2008
On on the site ?JABDAH DE HUFT
October 7th, 2006
Y'know, I've been a fan of this site for over a year now, and this is the first comment I've ever made. I don't understand what your beef is with atheists. It's a religion, just like yours, just not in a conventional sense. It's the belief that there is no higher power. You are no different than a dictator in your verbal prosecution of those who follow it. Seriously, end all these discrimantory arguments, or at least take them elsewhere. They don't belong on ytmnd