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?(nsfw) Battle Royale's Chigusa is teh 1! (brigh... (3.67) westifer 2006-06-14
Gotta love Chiaki.
setsunai 2006-06-14
?Kirby explains religion & politics (3.89) Vereux0 2006-06-16
Religion and politics...
setsunai 2006-06-16
?SHOE ON HEAD FTW (3.50) SkeetedOnUser 2006-06-22
Third name down!!!
setsunai 2006-06-22
?(nsfw) The Un-Funny Truth About Shoe On Head (4.02) chaoxytal 2006-06-23
Asians! *boi-oi-oing*
setsunai 2006-06-23
?Fun with Security Cameras! (4.39) audioartist 2006-06-26
lol, voyeurism
setsunai 2006-06-26
?Prof X gets revenge! (edited!) (4.14) Pikeface 2006-06-27
One of my old-time favorites.
setsunai 2006-06-27
?Materazzi gets hit by a shell (3.89) RedLancer 2006-07-12
I wonder where RedLancer got his music from...
setsunai 2006-07-12
?YTMND Trigger (4.40) BoscoeFlatts 2006-07-17
setsunai 2006-07-17
?OMG, secret family recipe!! (4.10) JohnnyQuest 2006-07-19
Call Duke!
setsunai 2006-07-19
?Pirates of the Katamari Damacy (3.77) eemee 2006-07-20
Katamari Piracy! (chu chu chu-doo chu chu ch-chu-doo)
setsunai 2006-07-20
?Darth Vader is Mufasa (4.60) hamsterpicnic 2006-08-06
Remember me, Kimba - I mean - Simba...
setsunai 2006-08-06
?Cats in ur stuff doing things (4.56) yoyoyoyyoIG 2006-09-05
setsunai 2006-09-05
?Wild EKANS appeared! (4.59) State-of-mind 2006-09-07
Kill Bill is only one of the best movies ever made.
setsunai 2006-09-07
?O-Ren Ishii Attacks! (4.29) Chav-Slayer 2006-09-19
Now *that* is accuracy.
setsunai 2006-09-19
?NEDM (Update also Original) (4.35) moheevi 2006-10-11
The classic, now a Hall of Famer.
setsunai 2006-10-11
?Why Ronald Was Kicked Out of DragonForce (4.16) Fushimiyotojo 2006-10-14
I'm glad my bladder was just emptied when I saw this YTMND.
setsunai 2006-10-14
?Keira is a tentacle (4.10) FingersMcGraw 2006-11-26
I witnessed the birth of this fad.
setsunai 2006-11-26
?Hot Japanese Girls For You to Choose From!!! (3.92) wolfdb55 2006-12-04
I'd hit that.
setsunai 2006-12-04
?Not Even Heroes... (3.96) LoonyPandora 2007-11-13
Is it wrong that I laugh at a tragic death because the sound of NEDM is in the background? Probably, but I did it anyway.
setsunai 2007-11-13