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December 7th, 2007
heh I'd say we raid them by reporting random sh*t for example hosting the goatse 9000+ times on multiple photobucket accounts and haveing everyone on this site report them all
October 20th, 2007
On on the site ?The 1337 Keyboard
i want one
October 12th, 2007
On on the site ?CorporateAmerican
epic late manuver
September 20th, 2007
September 20th, 2007
lol epic emo manuver btw check out the site look what happened :)
September 18th, 2007
Rule number 16 of the internet "If you fail in epic proportions, it may just become a winning failure" one drag-queen 7.3 millions views aprox. 103696 comments Favorited: 17517 times 1529 video responses featured on Fox News AND ONLY 2 STARS
September 15th, 2007
lol, epic
September 15th, 2007
that is bout a 5 badass
September 6th, 2007
"Again th.. the internet... is not somethin you just dump something on it's not a big truck, it's a series of tubes" The first time I heard this was on the Jon Steward show, and It has never died and never will Ted Stephens really stuck his foot deep in it now lol.
September 6th, 2007
lol, bush drag queen
September 4th, 2007
On on the site ?Peaceful Protest
August 13th, 2007
3 for epic lag
August 9th, 2007
*pumps shotgun* im ready
August 9th, 2007
everyone down vote ""
August 6th, 2007
there may be no nightwish but it's still epic :D
August 6th, 2007
these wipeouts happen all the time i give you 2 stars for trying, on the other hand if he managed to land it (when he reached the ramp he ran down it then it would be epic)
August 3rd, 2007
On on the site ?amy rose is huge!!1
tats a HUGE bitch
August 2nd, 2007
sorry that was ment for NewDeedee he's a spammer everyone who sees this please down vote that crappy f*cking site
August 2nd, 2007
August 2nd, 2007
On on the site ?Poland Metal Kit
August 2nd, 2007
August 2nd, 2007
never never never... NEVER post your picture on /b/ that "girl" is probably whacking off to it right now
August 1st, 2007
lol epic ear rape
July 25th, 2007
o gawd down voted for lieing
July 22nd, 2007
i'm trying to figure out how to block that f*cking backgound noise with ad blocker for firefox does anyone have the link so i can put it in
July 22nd, 2007
by recording this information without your permision even if it's mentoned in the EULA is illegal and can't be used against you in the court of law, further more any software which records your IP address realworld Address or other personal information without your consent, knowledge or permission is considered spyware and is not protected under the copyright act you can currently sue them for extortion, violation of spyware laws, black mail, and threating of legal action with no real legal grounds
July 22nd, 2007
lol extortion
July 13th, 2007
wait the mascot for B and C are both tigers and since there's only one right answer of the entire 3 that logically leves A to be the correct answer logic 4tw
June 17th, 2007
On on the site ?
the funney thing is that's exactually the thing that will happen when you download drive cleaner