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January 13th, 2007
Nothing like seeing Walker meditating by a fire out in the middle of the woods, then a helicopter flies overhead and guys start shooting at him from the skids. But c'mon, it's Walker. He somersaults, grabs a pistol, and fires back causing them to flee. Priceless
October 4th, 2006
If you turn your speakers down, you won't hear him say "bike" in the background. ;-) I'm a graphics guy, not sound, but if someone would like to edit it out for me, send me a message. Otherwise, enjoy with the slightly distracting original lyrics.
September 30th, 2006
What should Ronald be saying?
September 29th, 2006
On on the site ?AlsoCocks Is Gay
Yeah, I agree because he downvoted my site for no reason.
September 29th, 2006
On on the site ?
That statement could not be more true! PLEBS ARE NEEDED!
September 29th, 2006
Thanks for the love and hate. I've never animated before, so this is practice for me. If you want to see some good sites, check out my YTMND Fine Art series.
September 27th, 2006
I have finally gotten around to removing the "annoying water mark". Normally artists sign their pieces, but mine will go unsigned for your viewing pleasure.
September 22nd, 2006
Good animations and story. PS - Brian is alive and you can easily find his address. I know where he lives.
September 7th, 2006
On on the site ?I am the cheese
I love Wacky Deli! I just wish I could find the clip, but this has quenched my thirst for Rocko's Modern Life...for now.
September 6th, 2006
Sorry about the watermark, I can take it off. I'm just trying to prevent people from stealing my work even though it wouldn't take long to Photoshop it out. If you want me to remove the watermark, let me know in your comments and I'll update the pic.
August 25th, 2006
On on the site ?A Nye for a Khan
Does anyone have Billy Quan?!