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December 25th, 2007
Reply to amped's comment on the site ?Ron Paul 2008
Ron Paul a crackpot? I don't think so? Someone who will let dumbasses like them just mind their own business? I do think so.
LOL, that was actually a nice try. HAHAHA! :-D
On on the site ?Mickey Mouse is Emo
LMAO It would've been better if it just ended after the fourth picture. Man, Disney is bad!
On on the site ?Save the planet
I fear this is true. O_o
On on the site ?
Oh never mind, I can see how it is now... Hahaha! Wow. I mean, it's really sad but still...pretty professional-looking for an edit of this sort.
On on the site ?
What? You mean this isn't a fake?!
Um, no. How can a mere human being stop something as disastrous as a hurricane?
On on the site ?Bush uses The Google
LOL, the Google always wins.
What the...
This is horrible! But there was a time at which I loved Steve Irwin and Pokemon at the same time, SO...
5'd for PIKACHU being a communist, dammit!
On on the site ?Happy birthday bess
Why is this NSFW?!
On on the site ?911 blocked by bess
I'd give you five stars if you knew how to spell.
Wow, what's he supposed to be saying? I mean, I know it's supposed to be YTMND backwards, but I don't see how it resembles anything like "always wanted to have a bee".
LOL! I don't see anything wrong with that!
On on the site ?Convert the Atheist..
***would have a Bible and not need another
On on the site ?Convert the Atheist..
It's not that atheists HATE God. They just don't BELIEVE or CARE to do so. Besides, someone who converted an atheist would already have one and not need another.
On on the site ?Atheist Goat
Hey, who says atheists can't be happy? Go burn in your imaginary hell.
I see how you're trying to be funny, but the humor ends when you can't prove why an evolutionary scientist shouldn't be trusted. Think about all the hard work that went into the many evolutionary science textbooks which have been written by all of the hard-working and open-minded geniuses. Compare it to the fact that there is only one Bible which does not back up its statements with scientific proof. It is like a giant Internet blog in the form of a book.
This is wrong on so many levels...
Wasn't that from Pokemon Day? LOL!
LOL, true. But James is so hot when he's being a moron.
Jessie looks like she has a man's body for the most part...erm.
WTF! This couldn't have been in an actual episode...