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?violin: VIOLIN RAVE (3.72) KKyuubi 2007-01-08
Music is fucking sescy
squewer802 2007-01-08
?LOL , Water buffalo! (4.16) n00b1shm4n 2007-01-08
You win!!!
squewer802 2007-01-08
?Come WoW Fans (4.20) Stormsblade 2007-01-10
I play WoW and for the record, I think that this is one of the funniest YTMND's ever. Anastasia was a crap movie by the way. Though good choice of song. In the movie though, most of the songs sounded the same or more gay than any other children's musical cartoon. And the plot was awful. So anyway, all you people who think its wrong to skewer or (squewer :) ) guys who play WoW, lighten up. One of my friends who also plays is acting exactly like this. Keep it up Stormsblade!!!!!!!!!!
squewer802 2007-01-10
?Star Wars Band (4.01) Pockybox 2007-01-16
Original. Great song editing. I like it!
squewer802 2007-01-16
?WE HEARD THE SILENT ALARM (4.11) CaptinChu 2007-01-20
Ah. How poorly made some Japeanese anime jsut is.
squewer802 2007-01-20
?Mac vs. PC (4.67) Feedrosie 2007-01-20
Freaking Brilliant and true. The fragging part at the end made me laugh my fucking brains out.
squewer802 2007-01-20
?You Betrayed the LAWL (4.58) NeoMatrixClt 2007-01-23
I absolutely love it, but a little over done with the drawings.
squewer802 2007-01-23
?Aww... Kitty looks Comfy (4.02) gamerctm 2007-01-30
I want to be that kitty.
squewer802 2007-01-30
?(Worksafe) Gandalf Prank Call (4.08) BaftA 2007-01-30
This is better than How to Prank a Telemarketer
squewer802 2007-01-30
?Neo Wants YTMND not PTKFGS (4.10) Bob-the-Builder 2007-02-01
You win
squewer802 2007-02-01