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I admire fourest's formidable skills in tasteful selection and matching sights and sounds with impeccable editing, but... I don't get this one lol
On on the site ?RAPTORSEX
This is film school material. effective and evil! and not fit for ytmnd
On on the site ?max documentary promo
I've always been a huge fan of Fourest and this time he just used a scene from a lesser known film that means a lot to me. Damn bro
February 15th, 2014
So a Congressman used a reference to a form of Japanese tentacle porn in his campaign ad? This is fake ryt
On on the site ?a bubb rubb christmas
hey a moment of sincerity fourest i live the shit you make no vote because you know how i feel about you babe
On on the site ?
hehe I don't like seeing Hillary nude tho so no vote from me
On on the site ?al-street boys
Al's standards for companionship have sadly gone downhill with advanced age
did I use the word footprints correctly here help me out do I mean imprints? looking for a synonym of "hallmarks"
fourest is an auteur. this positively has the footprints and themes of a fourest work. also fourest is pretty awesome because he responds to your inquiries. i realized five years too late when he offered to give me a deleted site of his when I complained that it was no longer there. thx bro
but with repeated viewings the brunt force of the shock dulls i guess all creepypasta is like that
Reply to Primatron's comment on the site ?Mothman
yo fuck your link motherfucker that one freaked my jaded mind out somehow
and despite all ribbing you get, I KNOW you are an alltime YTMND creator... so I ask this question with luv
fourest I have to ask again... what happened to your site "Frostie's Fantasy"... it involved Frosty the Snowman playing with trains and making sweet romance with a young girl with curls... it was hypnotic and introduced me to a new German electronic artist... why did you erase that site, I found it quite good
I tried jerking off to this YTMND tonite. Doing something so wrong, yet it felt so right
(but maybe the musical choice should have something a little more disturbing)
you have a history of knowing how to make good YTMNDs
September 23rd, 2011
On on the site ?Guns guns guns
how... does it feel....
September 19th, 2011
On on the site ?Alderaan Shot First!!
more thoughtful than some easy YTMND nigger joke
September 18th, 2011
obviously staged
this obviously took more than two minutes to make, so will someone please explain the joke? eh?
On on the site ?OH YEAH!!!
It's got the production values that takes no more than a stolen bike to fund
On on the site ?(nsfw) meet dan
fourest please respond to this I always wanted to talk to a famous star
Moonman approves hearthily
On on the site ?karma
fourest bring back your Frosty's Fantasy site. there's nothing wrong with simulated cartoon pedophilia. that site was hypnotic with that music the name of which I can't remember.
On on the site ?allen's implication
my parents severely rationed my TV time during the 80s. Thanks for the id
On on the site ?allen's implication
what is her name by the way
On on the site ?allen's implication
I don't care what you think of me, but that chick is FUCKING hot. And you all know it.
awesome 80s song. Who sang this?
On on the site ?kramers best day ever
I enjoy good YTMNDs, but I'm concerned that they have been doing irrepairable damage to my brain cells
the score of the tennis game... What is love, Alex. haha harharhar ho ho ho anyways nice work 5