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On on the site ?Pop your bubble mouth
I am freakin' out, man!
well, i don't get it.
You may already be a schizophrenic! Congratulations!
You are sick, man
3 pounds of gray, about to burst inside my 3 pound universe
No; but, this one time, Prime got prostate cancer and died :(
Thank you for the image D:
On on the site ?flying cats
I'm sorry, i got carried away ^_^
On on the site ?flying cats
I'm guessing you're not really a francophone, so why not deflate your head just a tad?
On on the site ?Don't you dare blink
On on the site ?Super Mario Date
that was rather disturbing
oh, you're no fun :(
Haha! Well, that's certainly not a poorly thought out generalization!
On on the site ?Jesus Loves McCain
Wrong Jesus
On on the site ?Stephanie Came
I'm sorry, I was confusing the site's song with the source video's creeeeeepy music. Heh, they probably will use that song.
Nah, they never use anything THAT creepy.
yeah, keep fightin' the good fight
that invisible hand will fix EVERYTHING
On on the site ?The Squid
Holy sh*t, is that an egg sac attached to it??
September 22nd, 2008
On on the site ?Mega Man 9's Box Art
where did you get that remix? :3
September 14th, 2008
i might actually watch fox news if this sh*t was real :P
On on the site ?MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Thanks for reminding me of two hours I'll never get back.
On on the site ?(nsfw) Savages!!
You know, we can make the almost the same observation about Christian fundies.
angry dumbasses are fun to laugh at