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?Gotta do it by the book. (4.41) shadydragon 2006-05-19
hahahaha this is the funniest YTMND i've ever seen.
ucuknow 2006-05-19
?Riker has NO CLASS. (4.49) money-hat 2006-05-20
?Sonic XP (4.40) Bajeezus 2006-05-21
this is great
ucuknow 2006-05-21
?The War For YTMND (4.24) denial 2006-05-26
hahah awesome
ucuknow 2006-05-26
?OUR FSM IS AN AWESOME FSM (3.95) uglysad 2006-05-27
hahah great
ucuknow 2006-05-27
?Flying Spaghetti Monster Myspace Suicide (3.08) Volksdragon 2006-05-27
hahaha best FSM YTMND ever.
ucuknow 2006-05-27
?The King causes tragedy at McDonald's (4.37) ottervomit 2006-06-01
hahah thats great
ucuknow 2006-06-01
?ROLL OUT! (4.27) Peepsalot 2006-06-01
hahahah this is great
ucuknow 2006-06-01
?Vader 1989 (4.09) bidbood 2006-06-01
ucuknow 2006-06-01
?No More Cake! (4.36) BluToof 2006-06-03
ucuknow 2006-06-03
?Stan Sells EVERYTHING To Guybrush (Monkey Is... (4.56) Torico 2006-06-05
lol i remember this song.. this is an amazing ytmnd.
ucuknow 2006-06-05
?YTMND Symphony Orchestra (Part I) (4.56) Xer0 2006-06-10
this is great man
ucuknow 2006-06-10
?lol, MIDI orchestra (4.48) boomaga 2006-06-10
thats f*ckin amazing
ucuknow 2006-06-10
?Worf Watches Shoes On Head (4.10) djccheck 2006-06-22
hahaha thats hilarious
ucuknow 2006-06-22
?The ULTIMATE search result! (4.45) clumsy 2006-06-22
ucuknow 2006-06-22
?Spinning Logo (YTMND) (4.31) Pottsy 2006-06-23
Thats great how did u do that?
ucuknow 2006-06-23
?GRADED Shoe Lawsuit Final Warning (4.52) phaseblue 2006-06-24
lol 5.
ucuknow 2006-06-24
?Don't Stop The Referee Now (4.38) alvarado6411 2006-06-24
?Snoop Dogg feat. Presto the Wizard (4.41) fettoki 2006-06-24
omfg this is hilarious
ucuknow 2006-06-24
?The Un-Funny SEQUEL About Scientology (4.59) smoothmedia 2006-06-26
You're awesome man. Own them.
ucuknow 2006-06-26
?The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (4.65) smoothmedia 2006-06-26
You have the 2 top rated YTMNDs ever. Congratulations.
ucuknow 2006-06-26
?LOL Collision: Ronald Hits Picard! (4.31) davedevil16 2006-06-26
lol i love this
ucuknow 2006-06-26
?OMG, Secret Nazi TETRIS!! (Now With Winking Je... (4.22) Crome 2006-06-26
lol thats great..
ucuknow 2006-06-26
?Cosby Nukem (4.16) juiceman 2006-06-27
thats awesome
ucuknow 2006-06-27
?Church sign sticks it to santa (4.13) mattcruise 2006-06-27
lol thats hilarious
ucuknow 2006-06-27
?Just Keep Telling Yourself That, eBaum (4.35) boomaga 2006-06-27
f*ck ebaums.
ucuknow 2006-06-27
?Cosby's Delight (Another Fad Bites the Dust) (4.38) NeoMatrixClt 2006-06-28
5 for that audio.. thats great
ucuknow 2006-06-28
?lol, gay landscaper (tweaked sound) (3.95) zahaaticus 2006-06-28
ucuknow 2006-06-28
?You're the Magazine Now Dog - Volume 2 (4.25) oldskooldork 2006-06-28
This is great.
ucuknow 2006-06-28
?You're the Magazine Now Dog (4.38) Zara 2006-06-28
i love it.
ucuknow 2006-06-28
?Epic Windows XP Maneuver (4.59) spazdor 2006-06-30
i wish i knew that lol
ucuknow 2006-06-30
?LOL Collision: Ronald Unleashes Armageddon (4.17) davedevil16 2006-07-02
best lol, collison website out there
ucuknow 2006-07-02
?Shame on Picard (4.60) Ginsain 2006-08-18
this is f*cking great
ucuknow 2006-08-18
?Come Together YTMND (4.31) DZK 2006-08-25
DZK you are amazing.
ucuknow 2006-08-25
?N*gg* stole my chocobo (fixed grammar) (4.32) peelhere 2006-08-25
amazing nice work.
ucuknow 2006-08-25
?k12.ytmnd.us (4.62) abroerman 2006-08-28
wow thats a very nice site
ucuknow 2006-08-28
?Mortal Kombat Kitty (4.03) holt45 2006-08-28
lol winner.
ucuknow 2006-08-28
?How to find the Top 5 in the New Layout (4.59) ScndPistonHonda 2006-09-27
best. show. ever.
ucuknow 2006-09-27
?*~A Tiny Glimpse~* (4.66) smoothmedia 2006-09-27
wow this is really amazing. that puts things really in perspective. i had NO idea it was that huge. amazing.
ucuknow 2006-09-27
?I want to pray for you (2.02) Peterguy 2006-09-30
Peterguy i just wanna thank you for this YTMND. I really hope people are seeing this and actually contacting you with prayer requests. To all you people downvoting and cussing him out, why shouldn't he be allowed to make a religious YTMND and donate to it? You dont have to click the link.. and you can see by the name that it is religious, and even if you click it, you dont have to read it or anything else. This site is for people who need help. God bless you Peterguy, ignore the haters.
ucuknow 2006-09-30
?Life After YTMND (4.53) moofin 2006-10-09
haha omg this site is hilarious. Well done. You win.
ucuknow 2006-10-09
?Color ME YTMND (4.70) nutnics 2006-10-12
?Let's Touch Ling (FireFox Only) (4.14) Texaggie79 2006-11-05
?Professor Oak, the Secret Santa (4.39) davedevil16 2006-12-12
?Medieval also cocks (4.04) lolaids 2007-01-21
?Stapler Remix (4.06) gasthatsmells 2007-01-21
?Google Spins Me Round (3.88) criswell 2007-01-23
?(update2)Saddam=serious rock paper scissor playe... (3.70) teleloe 2007-01-29
?(nsfw) The Original How To Prank a Telemarketer (3.40) Sphonix 2007-01-29
?Windows Vista has one weakness (3.94) erei33 2007-01-31
?Bill Cosby Ft. Trance (3min song!) (4.23) Gregh 2007-03-03