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May 6th, 2009
What the hell happend too all of the raceisim in your moonman sites?
April 21st, 2009
that wasnt very racist, but i like the concept
April 13th, 2009
i love it..... the rape i mean
March 4th, 2009
Im a f*ggot, so i voted 1
February 25th, 2009
i would love to have a dead dude run the country......
February 23rd, 2009
On on the site ?N*gg* Stole My Beads
its surprisingly easy to get a 5 off of this fad. n*gg*rs are just too easy to make fun of
February 9th, 2009
he man? More like Gay Fuel Man....
February 8th, 2009
On on the site ?Moon man is dead
i lol'ed somehow
February 8th, 2009
i like it i guess that mean you cans top posting now.
February 1st, 2009
On on the site ?Arnold haunts...
Nice Edits.
February 1st, 2009
On on the site ?Arnold Haunts...
uhhhhh.... nice edits?
January 23rd, 2009
On on the site ?
Awsome, moonman isisnt white but this song is amazing
January 11th, 2009
On on the site ?C3P0 Pops a Roll
Gay robot rave ftw
January 11th, 2009
tldr + n*gg*r music = 1
January 7th, 2009
Was there ever going to be a part 2?
December 20th, 2008
December 19th, 2008
December 16th, 2008
5ed for an assload of screenshots
December 16th, 2008
On on the site ?Bush VS Shoe 3D
Epic 5s
December 15th, 2008
On on the site ?(nsfw) Awesome God
God is a piece of sh*t. Its all about Lord Xenu, bitches ....
December 15th, 2008
-4 for epic manuever
December 15th, 2008
Best time ive ever had blowing out my ear drums
December 14th, 2008
Re-releasing your old site wont get the site rating any higher, so -2
December 13th, 2008
December 12th, 2008
-1 for n*gg*r music
December 11th, 2008
Nigglets Dig, Nigglets Dig....
December 8th, 2008
On on the site ?ytmnd charms a girl
5ed just for the old ytmnd site layout..... those were the days.....
December 6th, 2008
I hate n*gg*rs
December 5th, 2008
December 4th, 2008
ahhhh those were the good ol' days.....