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June 5th, 2006
I think the song "River Side" might be mislabeled and it should be "Summer"
November 3rd, 2005
oh man, this is great
November 3rd, 2005
Maybe a 4 before but now w/ the shaking background, only 3
November 2nd, 2005
Haha, Iran Contra FTW
November 2nd, 2005
wtf "talk's"? 1
November 2nd, 2005
October 31st, 2005
It was a 5 waiting to happen but came too late. If it only came when the fad was first starting, it would've been an instant 5.
October 28th, 2005
Translation: http://www.scherer.de/bluemchen/de/singles/meintag.html#lyrics
October 27th, 2005
great idea