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?What is good to do: (3.33) TjenTang 2006-11-30
great music
xsoccerguyx 2006-11-30
?(nsfw) Shinji from Evangelion sticks it to GAINAX (4.25) toiletduck 2006-11-30
so true
xsoccerguyx 2006-11-30
?Rararararuffruffruff (4.25) Harmanecha 2006-11-30
xsoccerguyx 2006-11-30
?*FAV!* (4.21) Cac0 2006-11-30
xsoccerguyx 2006-11-30
?BAH is a hardcore NFL fan (4.05) LaidToRest 2006-12-02
This is my dad if he were an old italian woman
xsoccerguyx 2006-12-02
?Drivin to work with NPR. (4.27) Feedrosie 2006-12-13
Awesome for exploiting the inherent rhythm in human speech.
xsoccerguyx 2006-12-13
?Creepy Kids Need to Eat Too (UPDATED - EVEN... (4.25) Beeslo 2006-12-17
the music adds a whole other level of creepiness
xsoccerguyx 2006-12-17