Created on: May 25th, 2016
PRESIDENTE HELICOPTERS IS IN COMMAND AND CONQUER!!! The Caravan of Death (Spanish: Caravana de la Muerte) was a Chilean Army death squad that, following the Chilean coup of 1973, flew by helicopters from south to north of Chile between September 30 and October 22, 1973. During this foray, members of the squad ordered or personally carried out the execution of at least 75 individuals held in Army custody in certain garrisons.[1] According to the NGO Memoria y Justicia, the squad killed 26 in the South and 71 in the North, making a total of 97 victims.[2] Augusto Pinochet was indicted in December 2002 in this case, but he died four years later without having been judged. His trial, however, is ongoing since his and other military personnel and a former military chaplain have also been indicted in this case.


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May 26th, 2016
I don't get it but 5 for ear rape
May 26th, 2016
May 28th, 2016
altright or [b]get fucking destroyed.[/b]
May 29th, 2016
Nice ear rape. I'm kind of surprised to see you making a ytmnd with a description acknowledging someone who overthrew a socialist as being bad though, lol.
May 30th, 2016
No, just trying to present it as neutral. But that is not my actual opinion on the matter. Also, Allende was a Marxist, not a mere socialist. Also, I look at what happens to communist countries or countries that call themselves communist or whatever and I can't ignore the sheer amount of mass murder, repression and economic destruction that takes place within them.

So I think to myself if places like North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and Cuba had their own Pinochets, that they would be far better places.
June 2nd, 2016
So you prefer Fascists like Pinochet. Interesting.
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June 11th, 2016
What's your opinion on the Free State Project?
June 11th, 2016
Fairly good overall, but I don't like how they kicked out Christopher Cantwell.
July 16th, 2016
Now that Cantwell decides he wants to be cool with his alt right pals and talk shit about good libertarians, I don't feel so bad about it.