Nigga Stole My Cat
Created on: December 27th, 2007
Nigga Stole My Cat
N*gg* Stole My Cat

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March 1st, 2010
Operation 5 all braxton's sites is accomplished! Your earlier sites are f*cking horrible! I almost gave up with about 25 to go, but I pressed on without leaving comments. I wasn't sure what to say to those early ones, anyway. Lester and All Man and Your Drunk Wife more than redeemed you! Take care and have fun being a Daddy! I'll see you on the internets.
March 2nd, 2010
wow jesus christ thanks man! yeah my early sites were absolute garbage man. its embarassing. i will delete them some time when i get the patience. thanks
February 19th, 2011
I'm going through all of braxton's sites tonight.