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rick roll
2012-06-20 14:26:52
Candice Bergen and Matt Pinfield are crime fighting terrorist negotiators who met at TGIFriday's on ladies night. "I'll have a coors light, and a long island ice tea for the lady" "I'm sorry sir, but ladies are allowed one free drink, and she had a rum and shasta already" "Damnit I've been negotiating with terrorists all day. Give me a long island ice tea now!" "Is this how you practice negotiating? By acting like an insane bitch and already drunk at- wait, you're a terrorist nogiator?" "Why yes. And it's really stressfull. That's why I'm trying to get that long island ice tea. Let me tell you something, I've been-" "Let me stop you right here. Do you use a megaphone?" "Of course I do jack-ass. Terrorist are always hanging out of 12th story windows with a knife to someone's throat. They don't toss us walkie-talkies, if that's what you're thinking. Now where's that long island ice tea?" Well you see, I host a really long and boring show on MTV called 200 minutes, something or other, and most of my viewers only stay tuned because they fall asleep and can't change the channel. If I can use your megaphone on my show, I can wake them up, and they'll change the channel to animaniacs or something, and then I can lose my job and we can fight crime together. I love you Candice." "Sounds good. But wait, can I still convince people that a lifetime in jail is better than quenching their thirst for vengence, and sacrificing their lives to achieve eternal bliss in heaven?" "Fine, we'll be crime fighters/terrorist negotiators, ok?" "Ok great. If I could just get that drink, we'll be on our way." "The bartender said you can't have it because you already drank the shasta." "Well I'm not paying 6 dollars for a shitty long island ice tea!!!" "I got an idea. We'll split it. I'll chip in 3 dollars and you can just owe me." "Sounds good. BARTENDE- wait a minute! OWE you?! LOLOL Let's arrest this guy for orderly conduct!"

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