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August 1st, 2016
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April 27th, 2017
April 25th, 2017
April 25th, 2017
Or if it involves sub sandwiches.
April 25th, 2017
And it does not literally claim you are a member of the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew. The "GLOCKE5", an acronym which includes you, are "possible YTMND allies" based on your actions in support of the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew.

The idea of the GLOCKE5 started in September 2015. Originally, the GLOCKE5 was a fictional weapon owned by Black Santabot, set to defend the New YTMND Wiki from Locke5.

It was shortly after turned into an acronym, with gr33nscr33n/FormerlyFeaturedFaggyUser and vtech added, as described above.

When redblade7 returned as YTMND user ReiHino in August 2016, a user named wickport, most likely confusing Rei Hino with YTMND user Suzanne, repeatedly threatened to have ReiHino banned, and made a site entitled BAN REIHINO. The account did little else, and is generally believed to be an alt of vtech. Regardless, wickport being a user who threatened to ban Rei Hino and the Rei Hino Movement from YTMND, was given a spot on the GLOCKE5, as two 'v' letters resembled a 'w'.

Shortly afterward, beatingadeadhorseoff threatened YTMND user Rei Hino's family members. As beatingadeadhorseoff was always a fan of Rei Hino's sites (while still redblade7), Rei believes that beatingadeadhorseoff likely thought Rei was an alt of Suzanne, and threatened her by mistake as part of the Suzamurai Quentin Scandal. But just the fact that he would make those kind of threats at all convinced Rei to betray him.

In early 2017, Rei noticed that the 'w' in wickport, when rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, resembled a 'B', allowing beatingadeadhorseoff to be added to the GLOCKE5. BTVagrant, a downvoter who had been harassing YTMND user Suzanne at the time, was also added to the acronym. It has become apparent that beatingadeadhorseoff may have secretly been part of the Krooked Kopyfraud Krew as his reason for making false identifications as alts just by the phrase "free entertainment".
April 25th, 2017
Hardly. We've collected at least three months worth of "attacking you"