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America's Next Top YTMND Admin
Max's absence has been duly noted. You are tasked with finding new leadership for YTMND. Create sites describing what you'd do if you were the admin, or how the site would be different. What would YTMND be like if it was run by historical figures?
admin status for a day or a free server
Start Date
June 12th, 2013 08:09pm
End Date:
June 30th, 2013 09:08pm
Entry Deadline:
June 26th, 2013 09:09pm
rank site user score
1st ?OUT OF OFFICE Fluk3 2013-06-23 (296 total votes)
2nd ?unincumbent Fluk3 2013-06-23 (196 total votes)
3rd ?YTMND FOR OVERLORD MARV Dstroke503 2013-06-17 (179 total votes)
5th ?The Unfunny Truth About Zaalnog (For Class Treasure) tzsjynx 2013-06-15 (121 total votes)
7th ?Reporting for Booty Fluk3 2013-06-13 (70 total votes)
9th ?The un-funny truth about Max Goldberg archvile 2013-06-18 (44 total votes)
10th ?DARTHWANG FOR YTMND OVERLORD DarthWang 2013-06-16 (60 total votes)
11th ?Boddicker manages YTMND sites Space-G 2013-06-21 (16 total votes)
13th ?YTMND Contest 2013 Father-McKenzie 2013-06-16 (25 total votes)
14th ?YTMND COUNTER-REVOLUTION PROGRAMME woman 2013-06-13 (28 total votes)
16th ?(nsfw) MrMercury for YTMND Overlord. MrMercury 2013-06-17 (6 total votes)
17th ?∀ᴎ◖I3ᴎ⊥P()()]-[ lead us Primatron 2013-06-16 (10 total votes)
19th ?(nsfw) Moon Man steps up and leads YTMND in wake of ... moonmanfan 2013-06-13 (15 total votes)
20th ?what I would do mrpink51089 2013-06-13 (11 total votes)
21st ?(nsfw) NextTopAdmin: Dr. Kkklayton Forrester Dstroke503 2013-06-13 (19 total votes)
23rd ?Computers Error security1 2013-06-20 (5 total votes)
24th ?💩 MY PLAN FOR YTMND 💩 mcearlgrey 2013-06-26 (10 total votes)
27th ?This site has nothing to do with the contest. woman 2013-06-13 (12 total votes)
31st ?FadTMD:Conan is Gay robloxsoulman 2013-06-12 (10 total votes)
32nd ?Al Bundy Stares at You With His Demon Eyes toystory2wasok 2013-06-21 (9 total votes)
33rd ?vot 4 poretzle Mansquito 2013-06-17 (8 total votes)
34th ?LAWL boob74 2013-06-13 (7 total votes)
35th ?grillen lucce 2013-06-25 (7 total votes)
36th ?AWWWWW hell NO! Ducksomething 2013-06-26 (4 total votes)
37th ?I Love Minecraft YTMND Balancebrekfeast123 2013-06-15 (8 total votes)