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Razor Gator  - Only Takes a Minute
It only takes a minute to win a free t-shirt and year supply of Razor Gators on YTMND! Two winners will be selected (community best rated/Razor Gator favorite), with one site receiving sponsorship. There is no limit on contest entries, and any site with Razor Gator in it has a chance of winning.
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Start Date
March 8th, 2009 08:04pm
End Date:
March 14th, 2009 10:03pm
Entry Deadline:
March 13th, 2009 10:04pm
rank site user score
1st ?The Predator's Method Revealed [Refresh] NiteSky 2009-03-10 (356 total votes)
2nd ?mcroix wins the razor gator contest mcroix 2009-03-10 (272 total votes)
3rd ?The Many Uses of Razor Gator Ochobobo 2009-03-13 (153 total votes)
4th ?pde10 wins a razor gator amindlessidiot 2009-03-12 (96 total votes)
5th ?Tron enjoys his Razor Gator MrSinistar 2009-03-12 (114 total votes)
6th ?(nsfw) Razor Gator (Trailer Only) mcroix 2009-03-09 (142 total votes)
7th ?Done_dirt_cheap_with_Razor_Gator. TheBrute 2009-03-13 (55 total votes)
8th ?This Site Has Nothing To Do With Razor Gator fudgeboy 2009-03-12 (103 total votes)
9th ?Bruce Lee convinces an executive to distribute Razor Gator Tarkin 2009-03-09 (81 total votes)
10th ?2001: A Razor Gator Odyssey killabee 2009-03-11 (55 total votes)
11th ?GTTR RZZr chad2bert 2009-03-12 (32 total votes)
12th ?$1.79 ea. ryanmontana 2009-03-10 (82 total votes)
13th ?What IS a Ledbetter, anyway? artFAG 2009-03-13 (583 total votes)
15th ?(nsfw) just a little bit of child porn :) Picnic 2009-03-12 (12 total votes)
16th ?Razor Gator Goes Intercontinental Fleeflicker 2009-03-10 (40 total votes)
18th ?razor gator a-team 2009-03-09 (27 total votes)
19th ?Shave shave, just shave shave! Gravijar 2009-03-10 (29 total votes)
20th ?Ridge Racer Gator! Attacks Disposable Giant Enemy Crab... Captain-L337 2009-03-10 (31 total votes)
21st ?Creepy Eyebrows Girl hp92 2009-03-09 (138 total votes)
22nd ?Razor Gator helps clean your razor and save you money Locke5 2009-03-09 (39 total votes)
24th ?Celebrity Endorsement for Razor Gator pharaohmobius 2009-03-11 (17 total votes)
25th ?Native Radio Gets Sponsored GaryGnu 2009-03-09 (22 total votes)
26th ?John Rambo is easily entertained Father-McKenzie 2009-03-09 (54 total votes)
27th ?Razor Gator Endorsement Deal Reached GaryGnu 2009-03-09 (21 total votes)
28th ?Anton should have used it *Firefox Sync* peesauce 2009-03-09 (61 total votes)
29th ?Doug Heffernan should've used Razor Gator houseofcards 2009-03-10 (12 total votes)
30th ?Sam searches google for really good sites to buy tickets at falcon176 2009-03-09 (26 total votes)
31st ?obama endorses razor gator monstercake 2009-03-10 (5 total votes)
32nd ?Gwen Stephanie ENDORCES RAZERSHAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Father-McKenzie 2009-03-09 (92 total votes)
33rd ?The Parana Plants Rejuvenate Your Razor Brandon00151 2009-03-09 (13 total votes)
34th ?Moon Man Puts His Differences With Niggers Aside To En... adventuresicle 2009-03-09 (16 total votes)
35th ?Joaquin Phoenix needs a Razor Gator (for the contest btw) intermilan 2009-03-09 (9 total votes)
36th ?EPIC SHAWN CONNRY POUKARD TRIES TO BUY R... Father-McKenzie 2009-03-09 (41 total votes)
37th ?George Bush doesnt' care about SEANCONERER... Father-McKenzie 2009-03-09 (38 total votes)
38th ?Shroud of ShamWoW cameraperson 2009-03-09 (15 total votes)
39th ?A RAZERGAZER IN THE LAZSAGNA!!!!!!!!!!!! Father-McKenzie 2009-03-09 (38 total votes)
40th ?Fag Recon Faggin It Up on YTMND nervousbreakdown 2009-03-11 (3 total votes)
41st ?(nsfw) Asswoop RzE 2009-03-10 (7 total votes)