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YTMND Shirt Design
Greetings and welcome to the first YTMND T-shirt design contest! Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to make sure we had all of the specifications right. I have yet to decide how many different designs we are going to print for now, but that shouldn't stop you from entering multiple times!

  • Colors: Four color maximum.
  • Locations: Two locations maximum.

Keep in mind these shirts will be screen-printed so keeping a vector version of your design will be quite helpful! I think it's preferable to not have .COM on the front of the shirt, in the past we put a small logo on the sleeve which looked like this:

This contest will run an extra week to make sure there is ample time for everyone to enter!

1st Place (as chosen by max):
- 3x Shirt printed with your design.
- 1x Limited edition Black-on-Black YTMND original shirt.
- $50 of sponsorship money

Runners Up (who's designs we use):
- 2x Shirt printed with your design.
- $20 of sponsorship money.

Other Runners Up:
- $20 of sponsorship money.

Start Date
March 26th, 2009 02:43pm
End Date:
April 16th, 2009 04:42pm
Entry Deadline:
April 15th, 2009 04:43pm
rank site user score
2nd ?The Time Travel Tee fearcondom 2009-04-14 (357 total votes)
3rd ?Classic YTMND T-Shirt TasmanianTiger 2009-04-17 (188 total votes)
4th ?PMOMP-shirt fearcondom 2009-04-14 (340 total votes)
5th ?*UPDATED* ytmnd fad T-shirt Feedrosie 2009-03-29 (525 total votes)
6th ?WRONG!-sleeve shirt fearcondom 2009-04-14 (273 total votes)
7th ?epicPACARDtee fearcondom 2009-04-14 (268 total votes)
8th ?BUY YOUR XL T-SHIRT NOW! DarkTree 2009-04-06 (42 total votes)
9th ?wet T-SHIRT contest Volume 2009-04-05 (274 total votes)
10th ?YTMND Home Jerseys prairiedogeric10 2009-03-26 (34 total votes)
11th ?T-SHIRT DESIGN: Dogman **UPDATED** TheAlexmeister 2009-03-27 (352 total votes)
12th ?*3rd Edition* This T-shirt took FOREVAH to make. I hope y... WarriorForJah 2009-04-12 (149 total votes)
13th ?*UPDATED* ytmnd fad T-shirt Feedrosie 2009-03-29 (177 total votes)
15th ?*Updated* You have to be there to get it-Cuffs hbomberman 2009-04-09 (187 total votes)
16th ?catonakeyboardonashirt redux wisdumcube 2009-04-08 (157 total votes)
17th ?Y tee MND (Contest) Xerxes36 2009-03-31 (290 total votes)
18th ?FAD T-SHIRT: YTMND STRONG MAN Xenu-lol 2009-04-06 (179 total votes)
20th ?This T-shirt took FOREVAH to make. I hope you like it.:) (... WarriorForJah 2009-04-11 (180 total votes)
21st ?YTMND T-Shirt Entry #2 BoobonChron 2009-03-28 (196 total votes)
22nd ?Cat on a T-shirt winning a contest MTown 2009-04-07 (118 total votes)
23rd ?EVERY SENTENCE everysentenceuttered 2009-04-09 (97 total votes)
24th ?(nsfw) TOURNEY2: Sex Sells DaveTheRave 2009-03-28 (386 total votes)
25th ?four star hoodie barleywilkerson 2009-04-02 (770 total votes)
26th ?SHIRTMND: Addict fearcondom 2009-04-02 (132 total votes)
27th ?SHIRTMND (a proposal) hbomberman 2009-03-26 (197 total votes)
28th ?TYPICAL GONEJA SITE Father-McKenzie 2009-04-10 (75 total votes)
29th ?Attention Walmart shoppers! ryanmontana 2009-03-27 (142 total votes)
30th ?Better than a YTMND shirt prairiedogeric10 2009-04-01 (132 total votes)
31st ?G14NT 3N3MY SH1RT fearcondom 2009-04-03 (141 total votes)
32nd ?Tee Shirt ( Dumb since 2001 ) *UPDATE* CrimeWave 2009-04-09 (17 total votes)
33rd ?GaryGnu finds a YTMND T-shirt that fits! GaryGnu 2009-04-09 (19 total votes)
34th ?dodgson t-shirt keatonkeaton999 2009-04-09 (59 total votes)
35th ?the ytmnd goes bankrupt shirt peesauce 2009-03-26 (201 total votes)
37th ?the actual epic "pacard" shirt (real version) darrel 2009-04-04 (72 total votes)
39th ?T-shirt of the stuff that made YTMND great. filibuster 2009-04-10 (30 total votes)
40th ?(nsfw) kirb your enthusiasm lickitwellhiem 2009-03-27 (75 total votes)
41st ?What We Are V.2 Claremonster 2009-03-27 (82 total votes)
42nd ?holy crap a shirt gnar 2009-04-15 (19 total votes)
43rd ?(Brian Peppers Edited) This T-shirt took FOREVAH to mak... WarriorForJah 2009-04-12 (32 total votes)
44th ?fune shirt keatonkeaton999 2009-04-10 (51 total votes)
45th ?NOTSHIRTMND: PANCAKES beesmoke 2009-04-11 (8 total votes)
46th ?CONTESTMND: Moon Wear Excrement 2009-03-26 (81 total votes)
47th ?T-Shirt Design: United States of YTMND jasonkrowe 2009-03-28 (59 total votes)
48th ?YTMND T-SHIRT ENTRY BY DUCKY2002 Ducky2002 2009-03-28 (103 total votes)
49th ?Successful Contest T-Shirt amindlessidiot 2009-03-26 (40 total votes)
50th ?YTMND T-SHIRT ENTRY BY BOREDJEDI AGE 901 BoredJedi 2009-03-28 (59 total votes)
51st ?Max Golebers' favorite t-shirt Father-McKenzie 2009-03-28 (93 total votes)
52nd ?***************UPDATED**************** Kirby Ipod: The T-... Father-McKenzie 2009-03-31 (64 total votes)
53rd ?Fresh new batch of YTMND jerseys prairiedogeric10 2009-03-31 (40 total votes)
54th ?My ytmnd shirt Brandon00151 2009-03-26 (33 total votes)
56th ?YTMND T-SHIRT ENTRY BY BOREDJEDI AGE 902 BoredJedi 2009-03-31 (107 total votes)
57th ?(nsfw) *Under Inspection*A New Approach to Shirts Famery-Gai 2009-03-30 (108 total votes)
58th ?Also Tees SilverDollar 2009-03-27 (33 total votes)
59th ?SHIRT: HORSWARZ fearcondom 2009-03-29 (111 total votes)
60th ?Need four bucks keatonkeaton999 2009-03-30 (61 total votes)
62nd ?Il Duce SilverDollar 2009-03-26 (55 total votes)
63rd ?contest winner t shirte darrel 2009-03-26 (117 total votes)
64th ?What size T-shirt are you, Carmine? + remix keatonkeaton999 2009-03-27 (74 total votes)
65th ?T-SHIRT CONTEST: Keep It Classy (Updated) Xenu-lol 2009-04-05 (22 total votes)
66th ?T-shirt con: /dog/ - DogChan Backwash 2009-04-01 (43 total votes)
67th ?shirts that advertise for ytmnd Charizard 2009-03-27 (48 total votes)
68th ?KEATON'S K-SHIRT keatonkeaton999 2009-03-26 (49 total votes)
69th ?you already finished the shirt Charizard 2009-03-28 (50 total votes)
70th ?Medieval YTMND Shirt Flight33 2009-03-28 (37 total votes)
71st ?YTMND T-SHIRT: I dreamt this last night (just pretend it&#0... TuRtLeS 2009-03-28 (20 total votes)
72nd ?2007TMND mik3m 2009-03-26 (20 total votes)
73rd ?ficklefackle makes a gangsta shirt ficklefackle 2009-03-26 (23 total votes)
74th ?You're Gonna Have To Speak Up Sir, A Ger... mik3m 2009-04-01 (28 total votes)
75th ?Max Wants A Shirt q959fm 2009-03-27 (49 total votes)
76th ?YTMND Tshirt KHANtest entry - two for the price of one DarthWang 2009-03-26 (51 total votes)
77th ?funny ytmnd dot com tshirt winner pharaohmobius 2009-03-26 (26 total votes)
78th ?Dew Army T-Shirt (Popular mik3m 2009-03-29 (26 total votes)
79th ?YTMND T-Shirt Entry BoobonChron 2009-03-26 (25 total votes)
80th ?shirt doesnt care about black people (ghcghcghc edition) ghcghcghc 2009-03-29 (24 total votes)
81st ?Also Knit Shirts SilverDollar 2009-03-27 (37 total votes)
82nd ?Help feed a starving Indian... JohnWhitecloud 2009-04-03 (21 total votes)
83rd ?Polend T-Shirt mistertug 2009-03-27 (31 total votes)
84th ?YTMND T-SHIRT ENTRY BY BOREDJEDI AGE 903 BoredJedi 2009-04-02 (21 total votes)
85th ?300TMND: THIS IS A VIDEO keatonkeaton999 2009-03-27 (36 total votes)
86th ?EAT CORN POPS Picnic 2009-03-30 (25 total votes)
88th ?wreck of a t-shirt maxzorin 2009-03-27 (22 total votes)
89th ?Funny Tee-Shitz™ amindlessidiot 2009-03-31 (35 total votes)
90th ?YTMND Shirt Contest Entries Change Facial Experssions Cattankz 2009-03-26 (20 total votes)
91st ?PTKFGS T-Shirt Contest BloodyPython 2009-03-26 (23 total votes)
92nd ?Wifebeater: Al Roker on a Wifebeater, way better than a... falcon176 2009-03-26 (21 total votes)
93rd ?T-SHIRT: Rebus mcearlgrey 2009-04-05 (5 total votes)
94th ?/contest mambome 2009-03-27 (7 total votes)
95th ?T-SHIRT: The Seduction of Tetrazzini EricksA2 2009-04-08 (17 total votes)
96th ?PTKFGS: T0ASTYT0RPEDOTMND: T0ASTYT0RPED... coldcutcombo 2009-03-26 (27 total votes)
97th ?T-Shighrt - Epic Fleeflicker 2009-03-28 (11 total votes)
98th ?F**k T-shirts! GaryGnu 2009-03-27 (17 total votes)
99th ?PICNIC IS MY FAVORITE USER Picnic 2009-04-03 (18 total votes)
100th ?The See Thru T-Shirt spartanfuntime 2009-03-27 (16 total votes)
101st ?Jonathan Livington Seagal drops off a ShirtTMND Tarkin 2009-03-26 (9 total votes)
102nd ?best mashup keatonkeaton999 2009-03-27 (33 total votes)
103rd ?YES YES SHIRT pdub123 2009-03-26 (24 total votes)
104th ?funny moonman tshirt s3m1lol 2009-03-28 (34 total votes)
105th ?SHIRTMND: MSPaint style SilverBackSpace 2009-04-03 (13 total votes)
106th ?My first shirt submission :) keatonkeaton999 2009-03-28 (31 total votes)
107th ?forgotten tshirt s3m1lol 2009-03-30 (20 total votes)
109th ?the pde10 shirt Charizard 2009-03-29 (23 total votes)
110th ?KOENTMND: Shirt BraunB4Brain 2009-04-04 (12 total votes)
112th ?I would wear it graeme737 2009-03-28 (11 total votes)
113th ?Shirt for white people shadydragon 2009-04-03 (21 total votes)
114th ?NSMB Gravijar 2009-03-26 (20 total votes)
115th ?cuffzshirt jetz 2009-03-26 (27 total votes)
116th ?Best YTMND thing ever Father-McKenzie 2009-03-26 (25 total votes)
117th ?ytmnd shirt of legends Charizard 2009-03-27 (20 total votes)
118th ?t-schirte conteste winnre samurai-alpha 2009-03-26 (13 total votes)
119th ?SenatorJohnKerry Loses the YTMND Shirt Contest SenatorJohnKerry 2009-03-26 (39 total votes)
120th ?Samurai's second t-shirt submission samurai-alpha 2009-03-26 (13 total votes)
121st ?At last, the shirt norbs 2009-04-10 (14 total votes)
122nd ?U could say she was a sex fiend RodneyBoohoo 2009-03-27 (13 total votes)
123rd ?Ytmnd T-shirt design I made that I actually stole from anoth... psychofishhead 2009-04-12 (11 total votes)
124th ?Poland Shirt chrombot 2009-03-29 (17 total votes)
125th ?bound to make more than 1 person angry T-Shirt Fleeflicker 2009-04-05 (16 total votes)
126th ?epic shirt ghcghcghc 2009-03-27 (19 total votes)
127th ?forget about shirts, YTMND Jerseys!!! (Road) prairiedogeric10 2009-03-26 (22 total votes)
129th ?Moon Man forces your mother to buy a T-shirt FowderSoapReturns 2009-03-27 (30 total votes)
132nd ?Only four colors, huh? DonaldMcRonald 2009-03-26 (15 total votes)
133rd ?Resumbit: A DYMNT Shirt SF1777 2009-03-26 (27 total votes)
134th ?TOURNAMENTMND2: The Only T-Shirt YTMND Needs Captain-L337 2009-03-26 (58 total votes)
135th ?TOURNAMENTMND2: We Didn't Start This T-Shirt... killabee 2009-04-01 (37 total votes)
136th ?Sandeep's YTMND Shirt Entry Tarkin 2009-03-28 (18 total votes)
137th ?lulzman tries again nervousbreakdown 2009-03-28 (11 total votes)
138th ?BEST BOOK TITLE EVER! DaveB1391 2009-03-30 (12 total votes)
139th ?the wrong shirt Charizard 2009-03-31 (15 total votes)
140th ?the ytmnd tshir contest moon man Burrich 2009-04-14 (13 total votes)
141st ?tshirt fun tiems Smith-Man 2009-03-26 (16 total votes)
142nd ?IGETPAIDS TSHIRT ENTRY igetpaid 2009-03-26 (17 total votes)
143rd ?Copyrighted images and logos make great tees! Tarkin 2009-03-27 (12 total votes)
145th ?MY T-SHIRT ENTRY greenbanana 2009-03-26 (14 total votes)
146th ?win y/y lolwutpear 2009-03-27 (17 total votes)
147th ?Now WITHOUT Chapstick? (Fits Reqirements!) [Updated] WarriorForJah 2009-04-09 (11 total votes)
150th ?maxs hawaiian shirt Charizard 2009-03-27 (16 total votes)
151st ?warhols ytmnd shirt Charizard 2009-04-03 (11 total votes)
152nd ?i win because the rest of you dont have the logo in 4 colors... fyrestorm 2009-03-27 (18 total votes)
153rd ?this is my ytmnd about bob from peru houseofcards 2009-04-01 (9 total votes)
155th ?The Glory of Shirt skinja 2009-03-27 (14 total votes)
156th ?VICTORY!!!! MY YTMND SHIRT IS ON THE UP AND CO... prairiedogeric10 2009-03-26 (25 total votes)
157th ?ytmndtshirttmnd: ywcnd mcearlgrey 2009-04-05 (8 total votes)
158th ?(nsfw) Lame Tshirt #1 offmyjacks 2009-04-10 (5 total votes)
159th ?YT-Shirt MND FADS FNORDcinco 2009-03-31 (8 total votes)
160th ?lol t-shirt VinnyC 2009-04-11 (5 total votes)
161st ?You have to be there to get it-NSMB hbomberman 2009-04-06 (10 total votes)
162nd ?TShirtTMND: Leroy Jenkins jasonkrowe 2009-03-29 (9 total votes)
163rd ?ytmnd is indestructible T-Shirt Kersplit 2009-04-01 (10 total votes)
164th ?lulzman goes on fag recon nervousbreakdown 2009-03-30 (7 total votes)
165th ?ytmnd hitz 2 Charizard 2009-03-27 (12 total votes)
166th ?Y-Tee-MND: Big Connery kobaltu 2009-04-12 (5 total votes)
168th ?ytmnd hitz 1 Charizard 2009-03-27 (19 total votes)
169th ?This shirt will make you ROAR prairiedogeric10 2009-03-26 (38 total votes)
170th ?BreakFasTMND Shirt FartHack 2009-03-26 (19 total votes)
171st ?Epic 8-Bit Robert DeNiro Maneuver houseofcards 2009-04-14 (17 total votes)
173rd ?T-Shirt Entry: President Moonman jasonkrowe 2009-04-11 (9 total votes)
174th ?Moon Man eats a burger and says thats a tasty burger rig... houseofcards 2009-04-10 (18 total votes)
175th ?Ytnmd t-shirt SkynetNotMax 2009-03-28 (18 total votes)
176th ?jyoti jyotiranjan 2009-04-07 (12 total votes)
177th ?i am gay ptkfgsmaster2maryo 2009-04-01 (24 total votes)
178th ?HOLY SHIT!!!!!111 aeiowu 2009-04-09 (11 total votes)
181st ?lulzman on gabbly nervousbreakdown 2009-03-29 (10 total votes)
182nd ?EPIK SHIRT!1 Doomkid89 2009-04-10 (7 total votes)
183rd ?T-SHIRT: Nigga Stole My Shirt Simmo33 2009-04-05 (11 total votes)
184th ?Aww aww that feels good Jimmythestick410 2009-04-04 (7 total votes)
185th ?YTMND T-Shirt Entry (FRONT) RESPRiT 2009-03-27 (12 total votes)
186th ?(nsfw) Don't Call It Cum Back landmammal 2009-04-05 (11 total votes)
187th ?He-man NEEDS a friend notGnashly 2009-04-05 (11 total votes)
189th ?a gay t shirt? chad2bert 2009-03-27 (14 total votes)
190th ?YTMND HAS AIDS nervousbreakdown 2009-03-26 (17 total votes)
191st ?Enormous Shirt cheetah21 2009-03-27 (15 total votes)
192nd ?lulzman makes you a shirt and reads poetry nervousbreakdown 2009-03-26 (18 total votes)
193rd ?YTMND Shirt: Caution zemus 2009-03-26 (28 total votes)