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Dead Celebrities
What do David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays have in common?
Start Date
June 25th, 2009 05:44pm
End Date:
July 3rd, 2009 06:44pm
Entry Deadline:
July 3rd, 2009 06:43pm
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1st ?The Power of Orange Glo Fluk3 2009-06-29 (867 total votes)
2nd ?The Evil of.. EvianEightball 2009-07-02 (554 total votes)
3rd ?Billy Mays Is Still Here DynamoScotch 2009-07-03 (591 total votes)
4th ?New Thriller Video optimuskyle 2009-07-02 (507 total votes)
6th ?Actual Michael Jackson 9-1-1 Tapes q959fm 2009-06-26 (526 total votes)
7th ?Speaking Inside the Box Fluk3 2009-06-28 (455 total votes)
8th ?Sales Droid Fluk3 2009-06-29 (436 total votes)
9th ?*** A star this bright will shine forever *** alphasuede 2009-06-29 (319 total votes)
10th ?He'll Be Back EPICSTARS 2009-06-26 (358 total votes)
11th ?RIP Michael Farrah Billy David Ed osirisprime 2009-07-01 (237 total votes)
12th ?Billy Mays: NOBODY DOES IT BETTER Supel 2009-06-29 (227 total votes)
13th ?Dr. Strangeglove (Or, Jackson Learned To Stop Worryin... Chav-Slayer 2009-06-30 (196 total votes)
14th ?Jack Nicholson on Michael Jackson's death venomtdub 2009-06-25 (329 total votes)
15th ?King of Pop`s Final Exit BoobonChron 2009-06-25 (207 total votes)
16th ?Michael Jackson does change facial features quiksilver77 2009-06-27 (197 total votes)
17th ?Micheal Jackson is Still Here shadebrand 2009-07-02 (29 total votes)
18th ?(nsfw) The Rollover Family Father-McKenzie 2009-06-29 (170 total votes)
19th ?Michael Jackson is Bigger Than Obama icesnow 2009-06-30 (45 total votes)
20th ?Who's Next? BuGaLoU 2009-06-28 (197 total votes)
21st ?The famous NES GAME ! CrimeWave 2009-06-29 (84 total votes)
23rd ?Michael Jackson was a Zebra icesnow 2009-07-02 (64 total votes)
24th ?The MJ that might have been... Flight33 2009-06-25 (166 total votes)
25th ?PTKFGS: Who's Next TVsFrank 2009-06-29 (46 total votes)
27th ?Spotlight Hog JamesChicks 2009-06-25 (127 total votes)
28th ?Mikul Jaksin Is Died (with more appropriate sound) nervousbreakdown 2009-06-26 (325 total votes)
29th ?What Billy Mays Did 20mins before he died....R.I.P. NeoDark 2009-06-29 (38 total votes)
30th ?MJ is dead bandwagon - loops better now Benamas 2009-06-25 (179 total votes)
31st ?Michael Jackson IS Lando Flight33 2009-06-25 (40 total votes)
32nd ?In honor of the celebrities that died recently (NOW WITH ... YuriTheGreat 2009-06-28 (61 total votes)
34th ?Thriller Beatz Kassius 2009-07-03 (56 total votes)
35th ?I'm dead? You sh*tting me? icesnow 2009-06-30 (29 total votes)
36th ?PITA! Crazyswordsman 2009-06-28 (41 total votes)
37th ?Jeff Goldblum Is Dead icesnow 2009-07-01 (39 total votes)
38th ?Play the "WHO GON DIE NEXT?!?!" Game! *... jetz 2009-06-28 (73 total votes)
39th ?Rosie O'Donnel's Strange Audience Ochobobo 2009-06-27 (108 total votes)
40th ?PTKFGS: June 25, 2009 icesnow 2009-06-29 (26 total votes)
41st ?Michael "Michael Jackson" Jackson: Tribute peesauce 2009-07-01 (58 total votes)
42nd ?Tribute amindlessidiot 2009-06-29 (54 total votes)
43rd ?Heavenly Tandem nadz 2009-06-30 (31 total votes)
44th ?Tragedy in the Hospital arrrgh 2009-06-30 (35 total votes)
45th ?Kirk says farewell to Michael Jackson FowderSoapReturns 2009-06-26 (18 total votes)
46th ?Milton takes over for MJ DarthWang 2009-06-27 (36 total votes)
47th ?Barry Burton Performs MJ Autopsy Crowtrobot 2009-06-26 (27 total votes)
48th ?You're gonna love my notes Leeeeerrrrroooooy 2009-06-30 (38 total votes)
49th ?(nsfw) Billy Mays wipes with authority SilverDollar 2009-07-03 (240 total votes)
50th ?Death of a Salesman psychofishhead 2009-06-30 (33 total votes)
51st ?NOT DEAD!!! (updated sound) PEGASUS-RETURNS 2009-07-02 (20 total votes)
52nd ?Thriller 2009 icesnow 2009-06-28 (27 total votes)
53rd ?Hello. My name's Billy, Billy Mays Supel 2009-06-29 (36 total votes)
54th ?The Billy Mays Movie, Starring Richard Karn icesnow 2009-07-02 (31 total votes)
55th ?Billy Mays' Moonwalker manofiorn 2009-07-01 (25 total votes)
56th ?His Spirit Lives On In Infomercials... icesnow 2009-07-01 (19 total votes)
57th ?New, New Thriller Video es138 2009-07-03 (14 total votes)
58th ?Billy Mays - Engrave It Firecrest 2009-06-28 (30 total votes)
59th ?Michael Jackson in Thriller 2! venomtdub 2009-06-25 (22 total votes)
60th ?m j amindlessidiot 2009-06-25 (25 total votes)
61st ?Micheal Jackson LegoLewdite 2009-06-25 (55 total votes)
62nd ?Obligatory Michael Jackson's Dead YTMND pharaohmobius 2009-06-26 (30 total votes)
63rd ?Tragedy While Sanding the Floor arrrgh 2009-06-29 (19 total votes)
64th ?MJ Discovers Afterlife stoned 2009-06-25 (72 total votes)
65th ?The Power of Zorbeez! Kegulous 2009-07-01 (20 total votes)
66th ?BOLLYWOOD BASS MASTAR Drattigan 2009-06-26 (21 total votes)
67th ?Michael Jackson recorded one last song... Jedi787Plus 2009-06-26 (39 total votes)
69th ?matt goldman died [foundre of YTRM.COM and best frien... darrel 2009-06-30 (36 total votes)
70th ?Spotlight Hogs Weenus 2009-06-28 (13 total votes)
71st ?Michael Jackson will be back in 2017 icesnow 2009-06-25 (27 total votes)
72nd ?Michael Jackson's heart failure... CrazyRay 2009-06-26 (25 total votes)
73rd ?Obama FINALLY talks about Michael Jackson icesnow 2009-07-03 (15 total votes)
74th ?Farrah Fawcett solidjohnny 2009-06-26 (22 total votes)
75th ?2009: Everybody Dies Fluk3 2009-07-01 (13 total votes)
76th ?Pedobear misses his buddy Raamrod 2009-06-26 (16 total votes)
77th ?if people die then why is michael jackson still in all his videos... lickitwellhiem 2009-07-02 (48 total votes)
78th ?I Killed Steve Irwin DarthWang 2009-06-29 (33 total votes)
79th ?Don't worry, he'll be back... shuko 2009-06-25 (25 total votes)
80th ?The Aliens' Plan Has Failed icesnow 2009-06-27 (38 total votes)
81st ?Jim Carrey mourns Billy Mays lashiens 2009-06-28 (18 total votes)
82nd ?Kids go crazy when... JamaKinson 2009-06-26 (22 total votes)
83rd ?Welcome Home Son tupacshakur32 2009-06-28 (17 total votes)
84th ?Thriller (I do not endorse the occult) Kegulous 2009-06-30 (15 total votes)
85th ?Michael Jackson Misunderstood The Lyrics... DereLicked 2009-06-27 (33 total votes)
86th ?BILLY MAYS LIVES italianice388 2009-06-28 (19 total votes)
87th ?Tragedy in the Shower arrrgh 2009-06-30 (19 total votes)
88th ?star war may soon be a reality darrel 2009-07-01 (44 total votes)
89th ?Tragedy in the Tub arrrgh 2009-06-29 (27 total votes)
90th ?MJ's Exciting Discovery!!!! lolSquirtle 2009-06-30 (12 total votes)
91st ?Why People Suddenly Love Michael Jackson Again icesnow 2009-06-27 (27 total votes)
92nd ?Michael Jackson is in a Better Place Excrement 2009-06-26 (29 total votes)
93rd ?(nsfw) Rappers' Fond Farewell to the King of Pop eliminatorx 2009-06-27 (10 total votes)
96th ?We all miss Billy Mays insertusernamehere 2009-06-28 (18 total votes)
97th ?What Michael Jackson looked like before he died. venomtdub 2009-06-27 (34 total votes)
98th ?Final Destination agentfletch 2009-06-29 (8 total votes)
100th ?Michael Jackson is Undead Scockery 2009-06-25 (42 total votes)
101st ?Michael Daftson CrimeWave 2009-06-26 (13 total votes)
102nd ?Vince Offer: Atonement giesthunter01 2009-06-30 (15 total votes)
103rd ?Forever Blowing Bubbles TVsFrank 2009-06-26 (19 total votes)
105th ?The 50 Club icesnow 2009-07-01 (6 total votes)
106th ?Mighty Mays™ symantech 2009-06-30 (12 total votes)
107th ?Who's gonna go next? Link500 2009-06-29 (9 total votes)
108th ?Ship of Luna part 11 falcon176 2009-06-26 (17 total votes)
110th ?Tragedy on the Postal Route FatHistorian 2009-07-01 (20 total votes)
112th ?PTKFGS: LANDO IS DEAD! pacardsdreads 2009-06-25 (48 total votes)
114th ?Tragedy at LensCrafters arrrgh 2009-06-30 (11 total votes)
115th ?Billy Mays ironically gets killed by every product he&#039... Father-McKenzie 2009-06-29 (37 total votes)
116th ?zombie MJ eats beans & cornbread PsychoCola 2009-06-25 (19 total votes)
117th ?The Downside of MJ's Death... arrrgh 2009-06-26 (15 total votes)
118th ?Obama killed Michael Jackson GeneralFod 2009-06-25 (302 total votes)
119th ?Alucard vs Galamoth luketm2 2009-07-01 (6 total votes)
120th ?Michael Jackson is dead! prangit 2009-06-25 (25 total votes)
121st ?SFW forum * interpol = 0 bh 2009-06-30 (8 total votes)
122nd ?Billy Mays, we hardly knew ye Raamrod 2009-06-28 (10 total votes)
123rd ?Michael Jackson sighting (is he still alive?) JesseZojo 2009-06-27 (14 total votes)
124th ?RIP Michael Jackson August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009 JakeJabs 2009-06-25 (23 total votes)
125th ?R.I.P. Gale Storm - 5th celebrity this week. shadebrand 2009-06-28 (13 total votes)
126th ?Michal Jacks plays NINTENDO GAMES to get some nost... Father-McKenzie 2009-06-25 (121 total votes)
128th ?He died :'( FowderSoapReturns 2009-06-27 (12 total votes)
129th ?Look its Michael Jackson!!! ShazGuy 2009-06-27 (7 total votes)
130th ?Bush remembers the good times JesseZojo 2009-06-26 (22 total votes)
131st ?Rainbow Stalin Mourns for Michael Jackson giesthunter01 2009-06-26 (14 total votes)
132nd ?Michael Jackson is dead. Lzepp220 2009-06-25 (9 total votes)
133rd ?Bob Hughes vehemnetly denies allegations of spamming Tarkin 2009-07-01 (8 total votes)
134th ?The Jackson Conspiracy Investigation giesthunter01 2009-06-26 (17 total votes)
135th ?Michael Jackson Tribute Kacen 2009-06-26 (29 total votes)
136th ?Who Killed Billy Mays??? Schweikert 2009-06-29 (19 total votes)
137th ?Prime Suspect Positively Identified LordRanedor 2009-06-28 (8 total votes)
138th ?Kel was too late to give his friend a gift so now he's ... Thiguy 2009-06-25 (14 total votes)
139th ?Richard Nixon killed Michael Jackson GeneralFod 2009-06-25 (171 total votes)
140th ?Live Footage of Michael Jackson's Heart Attack Fleeflicker 2009-06-26 (13 total votes)
141st ?This one has Billy Mays falcon176 2009-06-28 (10 total votes)
142nd ?(nsfw) Moonwalk Man says Goodbye dustykins 2009-06-25 (12 total votes)
143rd ?MJ IDC Fluk3 2009-06-25 (14 total votes)
144th ?what some people are saying bout michale jackson hamtyl07 2009-06-30 (9 total votes)
145th ?Michael Jackson faked his death and moved to Colorado icesnow 2009-07-01 (5 total votes)
146th ?RIP Fred Travalena-Man with a thousand faces robnum1 2009-06-29 (6 total votes)
147th ?Reincarnation of Michael Jackson found in a Renoir CrimeWave 2009-07-03 (10 total votes)
148th ?Vince Shlomi's newest pitch... Morgrist 2009-06-29 (8 total votes)
149th ?Jack Nicholson on Billy Mays' death venomtdub 2009-06-28 (13 total votes)
150th ?Why did Billy Mays have to die? YtmndGreg 2009-07-01 (9 total votes)
152nd ?All Aboard the MJ is Dead Fad Train! Seigfried 2009-06-25 (14 total votes)
153rd ?Michael Jackson is dead... JamesChicks 2009-06-25 (17 total votes)
154th ?Michael Jolsen's Last Show Excrement 2009-06-29 (13 total votes)
155th ?Billy Mays: The Final Pitch JamesChicks 2009-06-29 (14 total votes)
156th ?Evidence They Should Of Used In MJ's trial icesnow 2009-06-27 (5 total votes)
157th ?MJ cheats death tr1t0n3 2009-06-30 (2 total votes)
159th ?Conclusive DNA evidence that.... Tarkin 2009-06-30 (7 total votes)
160th ?Black MJ phantom tr1t0n3 2009-06-30 (2 total votes)
161st ?MJ is in a better Place TetrisAsh 2009-07-01 (6 total votes)
162nd ?RIP Karl Malden Rellikmit 2009-07-02 (7 total votes)
163rd ?doodoo & feces all ova da walls memash 2009-07-02 (8 total votes)
164th ?who is REALLY next. mattpristowisdead 2009-06-29 (3 total votes)
165th ?Kurt Cobain Lied :'( arrrgh 2009-06-29 (5 total votes)
166th ?Jeffrey Osborne R.I.P. BabaGanoush 2009-06-30 (6 total votes)
167th ?t-shirt contest is dead! Charizard 2009-06-25 (11 total votes)
168th ?Who Will Be Next? nazizombieseatingbab 2009-06-28 (6 total votes)
169th ?Michael J. weinerbagel 2009-06-25 (8 total votes)
170th ?(nsfw) it's obvious tr1t0n3 2009-07-01 (3 total votes)
171st ?Michael Jackson is dead FowderSoapReturns 2009-06-25 (26 total votes)
172nd ?Michael Jackson Is Dead, One Mourner Available nervousbreakdown 2009-06-25 (21 total votes)
174th ?How to help MJ nissassa 2009-06-26 (10 total votes)
175th ?Jackson spotted leaving hospital JesseZojo 2009-06-28 (8 total votes)
176th ?mj nigs r-nax 2009-06-26 (18 total votes)
177th ?Micheal Jackson is dead and.... ryons 2009-06-25 (31 total votes)
178th ?R.I.P. MJ thagigglemeister 2009-06-26 (7 total votes)
179th ?Michael Jackson Epic Fail kikicolon 2009-06-25 (12 total votes)
180th ?Michael Jackson avoids Purgatorys sins to go to heaven giesthunter01 2009-06-25 (11 total votes)
181st ?MJ and BM dead in same week. COINCIDENCE?? JonesCrapoon 2009-06-28 (7 total votes)
182nd ?Billy Mays EX falloutdan 2009-06-30 (5 total votes)
183rd ?CAPTAIN, INCOMING MESSAGE ALLOVERJESUS 2009-06-29 (4 total votes)
184th ?M.J. Is Dead DaveB1391 2009-06-26 (12 total votes)
186th ?God is seen! thagigglemeister 2009-06-29 (4 total votes)
187th ?Wreck of the Michmund Fitzjackson s3m1lol 2009-06-26 (19 total votes)
188th ?MICHAEL JACKSON AUTOPSY PHOTOS (Fixed) SpocksBeard 2009-06-26 (10 total votes)
189th ?Michael Getting what he deserves from Billy Seanmeeder 2009-07-01 (8 total votes)
190th ?Rainbow Stalin-Michael Jackson Break up giesthunter01 2009-06-26 (10 total votes)
191st ?Billy Mays loses... quiksilver77 2009-06-29 (14 total votes)
192nd ?MJ lives in Left 4 dead Arthur9 2009-06-26 (18 total votes)
193rd ?Michael Jackson Died... arrrgh 2009-06-27 (11 total votes)
195th ?Michael Jackson is DEAD lukeam101 2009-06-27 (6 total votes)
196th ?Michael Jackson Heart Attack Cause giesthunter1 2009-06-25 (11 total votes)
197th ?MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD! SonicMonkey 2009-06-25 (8 total votes)
198th ?Poor Black Boy ---> Rich White Woman FiatLux 2009-06-26 (15 total votes)
201st ?Hip-Hop's Final Tribute to M.J. q959fm 2009-06-26 (14 total votes)
202nd ?The REAL Culprit behind Billy Mays' death. Mishmoo 2009-06-28 (6 total votes)
203rd ?Jacko got the last laugh DocMcGee 2009-06-25 (15 total votes)
204th ?CONTEST "pro" TIP: when users share sourc... Funny-Internet-User 2009-07-03 (14 total votes)
205th ?Cardiac Arrests Are So... JacobSch 2009-06-28 (7 total votes)
206th ?Billy Mays is Dead kraam 2009-06-28 (7 total votes)
207th ?Moonwalking on Heaven's Door - RIP Michael Jack... Daltonofzeal2 2009-06-25 (67 total votes)
208th ?CSI : Billy Mays nervousbreakdown 2009-06-29 (16 total votes)
209th ?The Ghost of Michael Jackson arrrgh 2009-06-29 (7 total votes)
210th ?Michael Jackson is D E A D BubbytheTourG 2009-06-28 (8 total votes)
211th ?RIP The Pirate Bay crazeeotter 2009-07-01 (11 total votes)
212th ?Wow michael. how lucky you are Seanmeeder 2009-07-01 (8 total votes)
213th ?lol billy mays died r-nax 2009-06-28 (21 total votes)
215th ?Does Oxyclean get blood out? DoodleChrist 2009-07-01 (7 total votes)
217th ?That Time arrrgh Was #1 arrrgh 2009-07-03 (10 total votes)