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Relax Max
Guys, I am going to make a news post soon but I've been really busy and stressed out. Please help me loosen up by making a site using Dinah Washington's "Relax Max".
1st place: $25 gift certificate to the YTMND store.
2nd/3rd place: $15 dollar gift certificate.
Start Date
October 14th, 2009 06:49pm
End Date:
October 27th, 2009 06:49pm
Entry Deadline:
October 25th, 2009 12:49pm
rank site user score
1st ?Max Goldberg is Dead ! JamaKinson 2009-10-15 (25 total votes)
3rd ?Picard is concerned for Max TheDoubleG 2009-10-15 (308 total votes)
5th ?max releases the new site layout peesauce 2009-10-17 (67 total votes)
6th ?a confrontation lickitwellhiem 2009-10-21 (207 total votes)
7th ?how to win the internet contest by max goleberg peesauce 2009-10-17 (228 total votes)
8th ?Max is Chillaxin SeNtu 2009-10-15 (194 total votes)
9th ?Max Lax fearcondom 2009-10-15 (136 total votes)
10th ?max: taking care of business since '04 fourest 2009-10-15 (184 total votes)
12th ?Relax...You're Just a Brain in a Vat LegoLewdite 2009-10-14 (139 total votes)
13th ?Max tries to relax but Patrik Pacard intervenes FowderSoapReturns 2009-10-22 (28 total votes)
14th ?Sexy-time Max Enjoys a Chicken Wing alphasuede 2009-10-17 (140 total votes)
15th ?Max updates YTMND Gravijar 2009-10-16 (184 total votes)
16th ?Max Relaxes martinprince 2009-10-16 (15 total votes)
17th ?Relax Max, you used your razor gator. Mikebluez 2009-10-22 (153 total votes)
18th ?(nsfw) Why Max Goldenbag hates a ytmnd (2009 edition) Father-McKenzie 2009-10-25 (47 total votes)
20th ?Max or Maxine JAGUART 2009-10-16 (70 total votes)
22nd ?I gotta warn you, Max! JamaKinson 2009-10-16 (33 total votes)
23rd ?Max's Quest discoron77 2009-10-15 (64 total votes)
24th ?relacks, macks igetpaid 2009-10-14 (70 total votes)
25th ?Max kills himself keatonkeaton999 2009-10-15 (98 total votes)
26th ?take it easy, max. b7571439 2009-10-19 (14 total votes)
29th ?Max-Laxerz™ SilverDollar 2009-10-15 (29 total votes)
30th ?Relax Max! (with Grey Goose® Vodka) MrSinistar 2009-10-14 (49 total votes)
31st ?max tries to run up a greygoose bottle with nice edits for th... lickitwellhiem 2009-10-19 (78 total votes)
32nd ?Max Relaxes Tile over "For Tile's Eyes Only&... giesthunter01 2009-10-23 (56 total votes)
33rd ?we're gonna need some sweet and sour sauce up i... Famery-Gai 2009-10-15 (35 total votes)
35th ?Don't Worry Max tzsjynx 2009-10-14 (22 total votes)
36th ?max's relaxing hike lickitwellhiem 2009-10-24 (43 total votes)
39th ?Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool Fluk3 2009-10-14 (21 total votes)
40th ?Max Can't Relax (Refresh) Spartacus87 2009-10-15 (20 total votes)
43rd ?max finds dead niger storage houseofcards 2009-10-20 (13 total votes)
45th ?Relax, Max OmniIcyshelf 2009-10-15 (741 total votes)
46th ?Big Apple: 3AM houseofcards 2009-10-22 (14 total votes)
47th ?website to help max bh 2009-10-15 (12 total votes)
48th ?Max is all stressed out pedrnorth 2009-10-14 (14 total votes)
50th ?A Goldberg Died Tonight jackhercules 2009-10-24 (13 total votes)
51st ?Relax Man Skrikles 2009-10-25 (20 total votes)
52nd ?MAX, JUST RELAX ytmndtheend 2009-10-15 (18 total votes)
53rd ?max cant relax so he smokes weed to help him relax houseofcards 2009-10-21 (15 total votes)
54th ?max relaxes to his brilliance Charizard 2009-10-23 (13 total votes)
55th ?Hope this helps max..... chrombot 2009-10-22 (9 total votes)
56th ?max is relaxing when things heat up AND Charizard 2009-10-16 (24 total votes)
57th ?Max Goes To Hollywood (Relax) mik3m 2009-10-15 (26 total votes)
58th ?Epic Bob The Builder Maneuver houseofcards 2009-10-23 (14 total votes)
60th ?Max Does YTMND Drealgrin 2009-10-20 (12 total votes)
61st ?RE: lax max solidjohnny 2009-10-15 (18 total votes)
62nd ?lightenenjoe went back two w.v glowczenskijd 2009-10-18 (7 total votes)
63rd ?Max Picked The Wrong Choice icesnow 2009-10-15 (10 total votes)
64th ?Max's Update BabaGanoush 2009-10-15 (9 total votes)
65th ?DEUS EX MACHINA giesthunter01 2009-10-15 (11 total votes)
67th ?Relax Mad Max SonOfGod 2009-10-14 (12 total votes)
68th ?Relax max ytnmd 2009-10-21 (8 total votes)
70th ?50 billion trillion miles from Earth Gravijar 2009-10-14 (52 total votes)
71st ?(nsfw) Max tries Meditation Pipooow 2009-10-18 (11 total votes)
73rd ?Remax, Max Owntmeal 2009-10-14 (13 total votes)
74th ?Medieval Relax Weenus 2009-10-15 (16 total votes)
77th ?Relaxing site for Max so he updates the news prairiedogeric10 2009-10-14 (24 total votes)
80th ?Future Max purchases a negro from another negro to rela... Tarkin 2009-10-20 (11 total votes)
81st ?Max relaxes and gets an enjoyable fake tattoo prairiedogeric10 2009-10-19 (7 total votes)
82nd ?(nsfw) RelaX, MaX... CrazyRay 2009-10-22 (11 total votes)
83rd ?(nsfw) i originally thought this was funny bcaus shes all like lickitwellhiem 2009-10-17 (33 total votes)
89th ?The definition of unintentional stupidity nervousbreakdown 2009-10-21 (4 total votes)
95th ?relax max, after... ytnmd 2009-10-20 (8 total votes)
97th ?Dad, there's a bug on that houseofcards 2009-10-14 (14 total votes)
100th ?Shit Contest of which few care about f/ Handel, Microsoft ... falcon176 2009-10-23 (5 total votes)
101st ?dolores mindfreak devilscope 2009-10-17 (4 total votes)
110th ?i made this to enter the "relax max" contest eightbitprodigy 2009-10-19 (7 total votes)
129th ?pissing off the liberals in 1 easy step iconoclast-tm 2009-10-19 (10 total votes)
131st ?Venus Dancer isa98 2009-10-19 (2 total votes)
142nd ?Lol face OOTS? Fooop 2009-10-20 (5 total votes)
152nd ?Kramer got a sex change in 1957 Guess 2009-10-19 (13 total votes)
175th ?REFRESHINGTMND (F11) BoobonChron 2009-10-14 (30 total votes)