Caufman's favorites:

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?Lazytown piracy consequences (4.25) kingstefan 2006-09-04
+2 Pirates, +1 Lazytown, +2 fbi
Caufman 2006-09-04
?YTMND vs. Sega (4.67) DZK 2007-01-13
Caufman 2007-01-13
?(nsfw) United States of But I Poop From There (4.56) jobesjo 2007-01-23
Poop win.
Caufman 2007-01-23
?4:35 AM (4.23) xxxxx2 2007-02-06
You played it for her, you can play it for me.
Caufman 2007-02-06
?Senator Wu was wrong, you heard it from the sou... (4.07) DarthWang 2007-02-08
There are faves in this YTMND.
Caufman 2007-02-08
?Mac guy comes out (4.38) noclip 2007-02-08
I own a mac, and so I take it up the pooper. Also, cocks.
Caufman 2007-02-08
?Charles Bronson: American (4.16) jawharp 2007-02-17
?Lex Luthor > Lil Jon (4.65) shoover 2007-03-12
Caufman 2007-03-12
?Arnold has no patience for the internets (4.69) AndySavage 2007-03-24
I thought this was lame at first, and then Arnold came into my room, dragging my bruised and bloody mother behind him by her hair and proceded to beat me senseless with her flailing body. At that point, I knew what I needed to do.
Caufman 2007-03-24
?Scrooge Is Speechless (4.55) YourTheCoconutMan 2007-03-31
?Camera Doesn't Change Facial Expressions (3.63) Heimdalsgate 2007-04-23
le cute as a board.
Caufman 2007-04-23
?I Think the Elf is Gay... (3.67) Allesandro 2007-04-30
Gimli is the real man. He's a dwarf everywhere except where it counts.
Caufman 2007-04-30
?Bart's mortal enemy is.... Disturbed! (original) (4.05) DarthWang 2007-11-18